• Dancing is a fun way to tone up everything
  • Perhaps liposuction if exercise is not a viable option.
  • I do a lot of aerobics and get on one of those machines with the vibrating waist bands that have been around forever. They work wonders.
  • you can also do oblique curls where you get a weight and by keeping your legs straight, bend down sideways with the weight in the hand on the side that you are bending. this will work the obliques which are the main area of the 'love handles'. you dont even have to use a weight even just stretching a far down your side as you can.
  • In not possible to spot reduce fat in just one part of your body like your belly so to lose belly fat you will need to lose the fat all over your body. In short - Eat healthier, this means: Eat smaller meals Eat more meals a day Don’t starve yourself Eat more vegetables and fruit Drinks more water Less sugars and empty calories (less soft drinks, cakes, cookies) Switch to whole wheat versions of your bread and pasta, brown rice instead of white rice Exercise: Prefer a full body exercises Get a training pertner or a fitness trainer ( a very worthwhile investment - of the money you save on junk food for example) General: Reduce stress Get enough sleep For more try:

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