• One way is to just run at it really fast then keep hitting it i dunno if u can but try casting stop on it ? then it looks like ur not doing damage but when time catches up with it the damage will be applied i dont know if stop works but try...
  • Defeat them easily with Trinity Limit.
  • if you dont want to use all your magic up using trinity limit (especially when saving it in the hades cup), i find 2 graviga attacks kill them as quick (if not quicker for the time trial)
  • Graviga is very effective against them, as is Trinity Limit as mentioned above, although that sucks up the MP. Since they come in threes, the best way is to lock onto one until it turns silver then lock onto the next one until that one turns silver, etc. Soon they'll turn purple/black again and you can attack them again. Regular attacks work just fine but if you want to speed things up use special attacks. Just remember that when they're silver they can't be hurt so use the triangle button to make sure Donald and Goofy aren't wasting their time on the wrong fungus.
  • If Lotrimin doesn't work, go see your doctor.
  • i would go to the er if you have that kind of fungus
  • Have a professional removal company clean it out. If you breathe it in you can get very very sick. If you dont seal the atea during removal you can get it into the rest of the hoome to spread and make every one else ill.
  • Bleach. But it depends on the surface.
    • Ice man
      Probably plays baseball with that bat too ! ..

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