• I am a British Citzen currently living in the US and it's a bit of a nightmare. Your best bet is to look at the website of the American Embassy in London as they list all the different types of visas. There are special visas for artists, entertainers, people with American relatives, students, people with enormous savings etc, but I'm assuming you're an average person who just wants to live there. What you need to do to get an H1B work visa is find a company to sponsor you. They put in a petition for a visa, which is assessed by the homeland security people to see whether they think you're qualified enough, whether it's reasonable to assume that there isn't an American looking for work who could do your job. It's quite difficult really - we only got out here because mu husband had a transfer with his work to set up a new department, and even then one of his colleagues didn't make it, despite having years of experience in that specific job. He got an L1 visa, and me an L2 visa, as his wife, but that's an intra-company visa, which I'm assuming isn't an option for you. There is a visa lottery too, which offers free visas to people. Worth entering, but a long shot. Otherwise, you can live for three months under the visa-waiver programme, or apply for a tourist visa if you want to stay longer, but neither of those give you a residency visa, which you need if you then want to work and apply for a green card. Good luck!

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