• Hmmm, peace on earth will get me some points, but the honest answer is a new printer, my old one broke and I'm lost without it :-)
  • I would like a round trip to Sweden to visit my son who is recovering from a serious stroke, and my granddaughter, who I have never met. I would settle for either Christmas or Hanukkah, or just plain generic holiday.
  • for santa to fill the panty hose i've put up for the past 25+ yrs.i put up a new pair every year but he hasn't gotten the message. :-P}
  • Well... I haven't really decided. I need a new karate uniform before my current one rips, and they're so expensive it's hard to justify normally. I'd love to have money for curtains for my living room, and family room sliding doors, as I just HATE the broken vertical slat-blinds that came with the house. I'd also like a new pair of slippers and some new wine glasses, since we're down to two non-broken ones... so we'll see.

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