• It would depend on the girl, to be quite honest. True love is blind.
  • I am being honest, I had this conversation just the other day with my friends and I said the only reason I wouldn't date someone without legs is because I wouldn't be able to care for them properly, meaning lift them up into bed or a shower, and I know I would want to help in any way I could, and it would make me feel depressed.
  • A good friend of mine got married a week before I did, this past July. He's a double amputee as well, both legs below the knee. His wife is absolutely beautiful, and SUCH a sweetheart. Don't worry, sugar. There's a lady out there for you!
  • My place, 8:00, baby...:)
  • Legs don't make a man. My husband has a friend who has been in a wheelchair for years. He constantly has girls surrounding him. He's with a different girl everytime I see him. He seems like he has a lot of confidence, and I would imagine that helps. There are women who don't care about outward appearance, but whats in your heart.
  • I'm positive there are. I once knew a young man fresh out of Vietnam who had his legs blown off. He used to be a cowboy. He came home, got a horse fitted with a special saddle and went right on riding. Found a girl, raised a great family:-) His attitude is what used to attract people around him. He was positive, lighthearted, fun and generous with his heart and time. You attract what you give off. Be who you want to find:-)
  • Well, I'm married, but that wouldn't have stopped me from considering it if you'd been the right guy. As long as you're not weak and pathetic, you'll do fine. Who knows - you may invent sex positions most guys can't manage due to, well, legs being in the way. Heh.
  • It is all in the attitude! You can't get a girl if you don't try. I once dated a man who was a double amputee. He was a great person.
  • Is there any hope for you to get prosthetic legs? I am married but I would still love my husband if his legs got cut off.
  • I would date a man with amputated legs and in a wheelchair just like i would date anyone else who catches my intertests.
  • i would introduce you to my gal friends if you are a nice guy
  • yeah there is some hope left... cheer up and don't worry about it...
  • Defo who needs legs as long as you still have the three important bits ha ha I have a mate who lost one leg at the hip and the other high above the knee he has ladies and guys swoming over him lucky thing He is always posative about his diability and has an active sex life Good Luck Alex go get them
  • I was just googling around about a similar topic, and found this one. I'm attractive, successful, and have an active social life. I recently met a guy in a pub, begun talking with him, and really hit it off. I realized a while later, he had no legs! I was curious, asked about his accident, etc, etc. Got his #, he got mine, and we're going on our third date this week. Legs don't make the man, if there's lots of other good stuff. Hell, yeh! I'd date a guy without legs!
  • i think it will only be true love..if the girl really loves you she wouldnt care if you have amputated legs.if the one i love would be amputated,i would not leave him no matter what happen.and i wouldnt be tired taking care of him.
  • if i liked you yeah. it might be weird to me at first just because im not used to it but i would become used to it if i liked you. plus you must be very brave for going through that and girls like bravery.
  • Why not? My boyfriend, actually my fiance, has only one leg, his left one was amputated at the hip. And we are very happy and we will marry soon.
  • get out there and try. Ofcourse girls would want to date a guy with no legs, just be nice, chivalrous, and as I told another young man who said he walked with a limp-tell us we're pretty, we always remember who told us we are pretty.
  • here s my candid opinion if you want just a date or something then its no big deal, just flaunt and be confident besides you will have to show off lill bit of money even if you don't have it, don't let your body suppress your confidence, so if your pretty confident any gal will fall for you, approach them with an attitude and confidence.... and if your looking for someone to marry don't do all these things just wait and observe the person you are fond of , latter when you think you know the person well go for her considering her feelings...
  • this does depend on the type of girl. me personally being honest im 19 and wouldnt be able for that responsibility, but then again thats just me, a true man is on d inside not the outside.. some girls have the personality that caring and would enjoy having to look after you in certain ways..
  • respectable girls look at a guys personality not his looks or conditions
  • I grew up on a military base, so I'm quite used to seeing things like this...most of the guys had happy, fun, and meaningful relationships with women and went on to marry them, have families, etc. Yes, I'm sure that dating again is beyond difficult, b/c there are so many shallow and ignorant people out there, but we don't want those *&^%$#@ anyway, now do we? :) I can't say that dating a guy with no legs wouldn't take some getting used to, but if he was a genuine, kind person that knew how to treat me than I'd take him over a pro-athlete jerk any day. No bull****.
  • I think your in an interesting position, really. Females are going to wonder what's going on downstairs if you catch my drift. ;) I believe if you were able to hold a conversation and spark an interest in someone then its possible they could look beyond the wheelchair. As for me, I will be honest and say no. I would not date someone who was wheelchair bound, mainly its alot of responsiblity. I would feel gulity if I came home and found him injured, or lying on the floor. However if the person I was dating became wheelchair bound I would stay with him. I already have an emotional bond w him, and that would not change. For me thats a big factor, I would not purposely look for a wheelchair bound mate, but if my mate became unable to walk, I would not leave him for it. So try and establish a connection- friendship, that will aid you to getting closer to the female your seeking. Good luck, Alex; find the woman of your dreams! :)
  • i felt SO SHALLOW and just disgusted w/myself when me&my cuz first had a conv similar to this but i shall tell the truth.. one of her ex bffs is with a guy with three missing fingers and we were grossed out when we noticed that. i was considering dating this guy i recently met until i saw he was missing 3 fingers as well. i cant imagine how i would react to the real idea of dating someone with anything more missing. some people have problems with such things just like me. its not fair cause shit happens.. but thats how it is quite often now adays with people. but at the same time. my cuz's ex bff has no prob with the finger missing man. and friends paralyzed from hips down who still get action. and this kid who i see at the local pool hall all the time who, like you, no longer has his legs coming in with sweet arm candy all the time. so i wish you happiness and luck to find someone who can look past physical appearances.
  • Sorry, but I have to point out the double standard, would a man want to date a woman without legs?
  • It's all in the attitude... your legs don't give you that...

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