• *shrug* i don't think anything about it. some are, some aren't. i don't people turn gay after a certain amount of time. you're gay when you're 30, then you were gay at 12. I think some people take a little more time than others to come into their sexuality, so if at 12 they're happy to say they're gay or bi or lesbian, that's cool.
  • honestly i dont think its right and i think there has to be something like wrong with the family for the kid to turn out that way not trying to be mean but thats the way i see it not that theres anything wrong with that its just not right and they could possibly grow out of it
  • I'm pretty jealous of them for being able to figure it out that fast.
  • I don't think anything different than if they are heterosexual. The troubling part for me is that 12 year olds are sexually aware and experimenting.
  • I think that's a little young to make that statement. I don't care one way or the other but I am not sure they really are aware of their own sexuality.
  • i think it is THEIR choice, and no bodies but theirs. LOVE is LOVE and you don't fall in love with somebody's gender. you fall in love with that person. for them. i say, if they're not hurting anyone, let them be.
  • I don't think 12 to 15 year old kids are mature enough to have reached any firm decisions about sexuality. Society is putting too much pressure on kids to grow up instead of encouraging them to just enjoy their childhood.
  • Oh good, less chance of pregnancy.
  • Im 15 && Bi
  • that's the way life is. What do you think of young teens being straight?
  • hey Im 14(and dominican) and lesbian myself i was bi but im happier with females than guys becauze some guys are real assholes and selfish......
  • i dont really mind as i am only 20 and i am gay.. being 12 years old ur not 100% sure what u really want some people exerement like i did and at the time i didnt think it was for me but as time grew on me i startted likeing guys in ways i didnt i fell that if u have any feelings for bein bicourios at a young age yours feeling take control later inlife and u sometimes have stronger felings than u did before.. its either in u or isnt.. ur either bi. straight or gay it just takes time before it comes out.
  • There is NOTHING wrong with it. seriously. PLEASE understand this. if you are gay/bi. who the fuck cares!? i am, i'm 15 years old and i've known this since as far back as i remember. the first time i recognised it though was when i was 11 years old. that's a pretty young age. i'm in my last year of high school and i've only came out to one person. my best friend, who had been my best friend since i was around 8 years old .. that is what society has done to us. you know what, i'm guessing me and you are around the same age, when me and you are older.. maybe not when we are older. maybe when we are dead and gone but eventually gays are going to be accepted into this world and when we do, we'll laugh about it because seriously... with how this stupid fucking world is nowadays how can ANYONE judge gay people.... i mean really, how can ANYONE judge us? there is nothing at all wrong with being gay. nothing. there are murderers, rapists, abusers etc on this planet and still some people think of gay people as being "scum" "gay" (gay means happy you fucking idiots) really, please listen to me. if you are straight, bisexual, gay. be who you are because in a hundrend years me and you will be laughing at our stupidity. think about 100 years ago. Even less than that! there was no freedom. Everything was judged. What will it be like in 50 years time from now? i bet you gays will be accepted. i cont belive in god. maybe you do, but i dont. and if the people who are putting you under pressure with these stereotypes in your school do what i do because my school is the excact same as yours with the exact same kind of girls and the exact same kind of guys, just trust in yourself. if you were born 70 years ago ,i'm guessing, right now people would be saying "gays, gay means happy if any woman likes a woman - that is wrong. if any man likes a man - that is wrong. BULL SHIT!. belive me you will be laughing. because it WILL be accepted. in the last 10 years i have heard of soooo many gays and eventually nobody will be scared to come out or whatever and i hope people will lol or else i won't get a girlfrind.
  • they are too young to know at that age, it's their hormones and curiosity rather than being gay/bi
  • They are searching for identities. they don't know what they want or which way to turn. Things get mighty confusing at 12 to 15 now days. They go through many fads. Given time they will learn what they desire. Most will become heterosexual or maybe bi in many girls way of being.

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