• No, free markets and all that... If people are so offended they won't buy the product and it will fail. If they like it well, that's business. :)
  • Can you link to the exact product you are talking about?
  • Well no because the law inforces freedom of products things that go on sale must of been checked before going on public sale. If it looks dogey people just wont buy it but u cant force them to change it
  • The "great American chocolate bar". I already do not buy Hershey products. In my community Hershey is closing their plant, laying off hundreds of workers so they can relocate in Mexico. Hershey's has a new ceo and it looks like he is going to ruin a once proud company. Oh BTW, no they should not be forced, unless it is illegal, to change the design. Hopefully the market will not buy these items
  • I agree it's a stupid product design- but they should not be legally forced to change. They should just be made fun of until they do.
  • I wouldn't know what the packets of illegal drugs look like... so it really doesn't affect me at all. Let 'em keep the design. The people who know will find it funny.. those who don't... it'll just be another overpriced breath mint.
  • What does a "packet of illegal drugs" look like? In the grocery store they sell 99 cent packets of herbs and spices, some of which looks like marijuana. Should this be banned?
  • I saw that this morning. I think it's a really bad idea and irresponsible. I wish they'd just do it because it's the right thing to do, but I sincerely doubt THAT will happen.
  • probably

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