• If it's under warrantee maybe, but odds are you'll have to pay for it. try taking it back to where you bought it or just go to best buy and ask them to help at the geek squad desk
  • yeah its just like a cell phone. you should be able to get a new screen, and hook up some wires it should be good. could get a bit pricey though
  • My f.i.l. was thinking about getting a new screen for his and found out it would cost almost as much to get a whole new laptop.
  • Sure... but if you aren't still on the company's dime or insured, it might not be cost effective.
  • yes, but it is pricey! Try putting your dog,but thank god no one was hurt.
  • Too pricey, have you thought of hooking up another monitor to it, they usually have dual-monitor capability, but you are going to have to look very closely at your screen when you are setting it up and if it is too damaged then sell it as broken on eb*y and invest in another. good luck :o)

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