• If you have a short neck, then make it look longer by wearing a either a long necklace or a lariat**. The long vertical line of a long necklace makes your neck look longer. The lariat, with the 2 dangling ends gives the illusion of length. These necklaces also have an overall slimming visual effect on your entire look. Choker necklaces would be a bad choice if you have a short neck or round face. People with shorter necks should definitely consider avoiding loops or hoops that may make their necks appear even shorter. **For those of you who dont know what a lariat is (I had to look it up): A cord worn as a necklace with the ends of the cord dangling like a necktie. It can be tied into a knot or secured by a sliding brooch.
  • wellim not sure about ur jewlery but it would help if ur hair is cut so it looks like its sitting on ur sholders
  • make sure that you don't wear long earrings. keep it to studs, small hoops, and earrings that are under 1 inch long. when choosing a necklace, make sure that it is one layer, and that it has something on it that dangles. drop necklaces flatter short necks and give people the illusion that they are actually longer. you should stay away from anything with one large chunk that hands from it. also, wearing a v-neck shirt hepls keep your neck looking longer. hair to the shoulders and longer is a good alternative to short hair.
  • Long earrings. Studs will only emphasize stumpiness. Dangly is better for short or thick necks.
  • a long necklace;/
  • I am a short necked gal too. There are so many good answers here, so I will just tell you what I do. No choker necklaces or "collars" (those hard metal necklaces that are open at the back). No long earrings. No neck scarves (I love the neck of having something knotted at my neck but it cuts what little length I have in half) V-necks or open collars that reveal a little skin from your collar bone down. (I am not suggesting you sport cleavage here, but you have to compensate for the line of skin you don't have at your neck). Collared shirts (mens style) are nice if you leave the collar open (and maybe even one more button down).
  • Nothing close and choker like they will accentuate the shortness. A slightly lower necked blouse or sweater with a longer line chain at least 18+ inches longer if possible. Do not wear too much around the neck it will make it a feature and more noticeable
  • Forget the jewelry issue for a moment and concentrate on your hair. Try to wear it upswept, or tucked behind your ears to give the illusion of more neck. If you wear bangs, have them thinned or feathered, to lengthen your facial exposure. Straight, thick bangs will accentuate a short neck, and not in a good way. Back to the jewelry- try a pin or brooch on your shoulder, instead of a necklace. If you do really want to wear necklaces, stick with delicate jewelry- nothing chunky. Also, try a bit of eyeliner, to draw the beholder's eyes away from the neck you are so certain they're staring at. (They're not.)
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