• Hey he attended Yale! Just because he was on the white pony the whole time doesn't change that!
  • Old dogs stick with old tricks.. boozing, etc. He has a bevy of people to protect him from being discovered. Cheney actually does run the country.
  • For the people who voted for him, I think he is their "golden boy". Why else would someone like that become President? He does not represent "the best" we have to offer, but he does represent the political machine that is greased with money, influential and powerful people and expensive "spinmasters"..the fact that people believed it still amazes me..and some of them still think he is the "cat's pajamas"..more amazing still. Go figure! :(
  • well you would like to think that at least he can read on a 2nd grade level , cause he was reading to those little one when the planes hit.
  • When were the elections for the position of 'Leader of the free world'? I don't remember having a vote. Britain under Tony Blair may have acted like a lap-dog to Bush, but the rest of the free world certainly don't.
  • "Free World"? You can't POSSIBLY mean America. What about all the "free" places in this world that are MUCH more "Free" than America... Y'know... like Sweeden, or Holland, or Switzerland... Or pretty much everywhere that doesn't have a close cousin to the Patriot Act?
  • As far as his being leader of one of the largest nations in the world, yes. I would also like to point out that I think his priorities when running for office were unclear, and remain unclear today. Very embarrassing indeed.
  • For the people who voted and supported him. I really feel for them.
  • Very embarrassing indeed.
  • Stuttering Stanley, stuttering Stanley......
  • The recent demise of the great American public school system (it's difficult for me to call it an "educational" system these days since their product is seldom educated) has produced students who struggle to spell, construct whole meaningful sentences, and to recognize common cultural and scientific elements outside the range of condoms and iPods. W was a product of the system before it tanked, and he is still not doing all that well, granted, but think about what is yet to come. We might someday look back on the days when W was the great orator of the 21st century.
  • Such assumptions in your question!! "Leader," "Free," "Actually did attend school" (well, his body was there, apparently, but there's no evidence he even picked up on why anyone might want to tap anyone else's knowledge and learn from it), "his life" (OK, above ground and taking nourishment.) I guess I'm upset that we can take a look at this wreckage and still maintain that he's a leader!! He's not even a member of the same species!

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