• you have blown a relay fuse in the big fuse is probally green..... until you can fix can drive it by turning the key on(don't turn it over) push in the brake and put it in nutral.....then turn the car on..... caution though not only will your windows not work....your brake lights wont either.... also....the fuse is like 2.82 at autozone.....also....have you changed radios or done anything with your radio....cause in my car(mercury cougar(same people)) if the only way to blow that fue is to tamper with the radio....word of advice if you are going to work on anything electrical in the car....remove that fuse before you do.....mine blows everytime i mess with installing a new radio....
  • I just tried to put the car in reverse it did not work. I did not start the truck The brake lights are working The windows and interior lights are not working I do not have a manual to check fuses how would I know?

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