• I would think the first question would be if they have been prompt with the rent, if late, how many times, and if they have taken care of your property upon inspection.
  • Besides did they pay propmtly, you might want to ask if they're quiet and whether or not they are chronic complainers. My parents had rental houses and nit-picky people drove them crazy.
  • I think you can ask pretty much anything you want to. It's not like contacting a former employer where you are legally restricted in what you can ask. I'm thinking the main questions would be: 1-did they pay on time? If not, how often and for what reasons? 2-did they take care of the property? Was their security deposit refunded and if not, why not? 3-where there ever any neighbor complaints against them for loud music, animals, illegal activities, etc?
  • Is there a guideline of questions you can ask a PERSONAL reference when calling them. This is not a former landlord.
  • The best question to ask is "Would you rent to them again?". This is best asked in person to see the body language of the former landlord. If there is any hesitation, they are trying to think of what not to say to get them self in trouble.
  • If it is anything like employment law, you could ask when they lived there and would you rent to them again.

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