• The CGI stuff is cool. If I like the movie, it just really depends on the movie itself, not the animation or rendering process.
  • That was good in it's time, but Beowulf looks like it will have an even beter look, with more modern techniques. I'm all for it.
  • I think they have some artistic value as their own form of media. But personally, I don't enjoy watching that sort of animation, and I strongly disagree with them being presented as "Film". If you ask me, overuse of CGI animation is ruining the once prestigious art of cinema. There was a time when quality storyboarding, writing, acting, and adept camera work with a good sense of visual asthetics were invaluable qualities in a film, and someone with a true mastery of them could produce incredibly beautiful films. But when a "Film" is doctored with (Or even made up entirely of) digital effects, that is no longer a film, it is an exercise in Photoshop. And that sort of piece doesn't have half of the true artistic value of a live-action movie, or even an authentic hand-drawn animation. And I'm not just talking about flashy CGI Action Movies like 100 or Robert Zemeckis' upcoming Beowulf, I'm also talking about films that use CGI in more subtle, manipulative ways. Take Robert Zemeckis' magnum opus Forest Gump, for example: All throughout that film, there are digitally inserted reflections, sounds, and even whole background scenes. Now, call me a film snob if you wish, but if you ask me, that sort of manipulation robs the film of its very soul. The beauty of film is that it finds the beauty in real things-in actors and characters and nature-and uses artistic vision to show the viewer just how beautiful those things really are. But how can something be beautiful when it can be produced at will? No logical human mind, no precise computer program, can ever match the beauty a truly skilled film maker can produce by just shooting and leaving some of the details to chance.
  • If the movie is good, then its fine. The fact that its CGI doesn't really matter too much. But I can say one thing, Beowulf looked awesome, and it was even more amazing to watch in IMAX 3D.

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