• Beverages yes...Alcoholic Drinks no
  • There are very few "all-inclusive" cruise lines. None of the major cruise lines are all-inclusive. (Royal Caribbean (including Celebrity and Azamara), NCL, Carnival (including Princess, Holland America, Cunard, etc) On most major cruise lines you have water, coffee and tea. You can also get juice from concentrate as well depending on the hour. Most also include unsweetened ice tea as well. Royal Caribbean offers fruit punch or lemonade at selected times as well. They all charge for alcohol including wine. They charge for certain coffee based drinks (like espresso, though NCL does offer it with meals) as well as fresh orange juice. Bottled water is also offered at extra cost. Some of the premium lines do include wine with dinner. And Cunard gives a bottle of "champagne" to it's guests, but as some people have referred to it, it's Chateau Les Feet. There are a few very select charter cruises or special groups where you can get alcohol included. These are a lot more expensive. Also, you may find that on many of these cruise lines, basic food is included, but there is a charge for "speciality restaurants" as well as items such as premium ice cream and if they have a café, some desserts.
  • Certain cruiselines like Seabourne, Silversea, Regent--they are all inclusive and include all drinks and wine while others like Crystal will serve wine with dinner but otherwise, drinks are optional. Most other lines, other than a captains reception or special on-board occasion, all drinks are optional.
  • Drinks meaning water, yes. Drinks meaning, alcoholic beverages, no.
  • Cunard does not include wine or alcohol Oceania does not include wine or alcohol Windstar does not include wine or alcohol Crystal does not include wine or alcohol Regent Seven Seas does include wine and alcohol, but they are described as "select wine and spirits." I assume that this is a basic table wine which sells for about €0.90 per litre in Spain. And non-brand name, or low value brand name spirits (like Bols.) Seadream Yachts does include wine and alcohol. They serve "select" premium blends. The Yachts of Seaborn include wine and alcohol. They describe it as "open bar" and include fine French champagne. Since champagne can only be French, I don't see why they add those words, unless it is to clarify that it isn't what we call "chumpagne" (sparkling wine that is offered as a free gift on many cruise lines). Silversea also includes wine and alcohol. Described as cocktails included in the bars. All of those are extremely expensive cruise lines. For example on Regent, expect to pay about USD $3500 for a 7 day cruise. I see a 10 day Caribbean cruise in February that is on special for $3495 per person. Unlike the cheaper lines, tips are generally included as well. These are much smaller ships and often have different amenities than the larger mass-market cruises. For example you might find that they have one pool and they may not even have balconies. A mass-market inside room (which is comparable to the room for $3495) is about $1300 per person, including tips.
  • As a General Rule, mass market ships, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, Princess etc do not charge for things like water, coffee (except specialty coffees), Tea, lemonade, etc. Upscale all inclusive ships so usually include the cost of beverages in their overall cruise price. Please also note, that even now some food is not free.. well ok.. the food might be, but the service in specialty restaurants you will pay extra for.. and in some cases you may even find some food might even be charged.. much depends on the cruise line. Ephraim does a great job of answering this question.
  • if you are looking for a package you have to check the terms and conditions. some say includes meals and beverages, but they mean water and tea or coffee and the occassional wine with dinner. other than that you usually have a ship card (like a credit card) and you just pay a bill at the end... like a hotel room. generally speaking the more expensive they are, the more they include. P and O are pretty good, but like i said... depends on the package.

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