• That George Walker Bush became the 43rd president of the United States Of America under highly questionable circumstances -- One mistake after another, never learning from any of them, he has tarnished the office he held, and made America a laughingstock of the world, achieved nothing but an ever increasing barrage of complaints and growing resentment against the U.S. -- His lack of mastery of the English language became the most recognizable trait of his ineptitude into office. A highly unpopular wartime president, a greedy, oil needing man, at some point he has managed (again) to clean up his record in an attempt to hide evidence of his infamous lack of leadership ability, among other disputable information. After carefully examining ALL the issues, I choose not to vote for George Walker Bush because I saw him as an underachiever, an unfit, not truthful, not wise candidate; and something truly scared me about a man that cannot properly pronounce N U C L E A R.
  • You know the weird thing?? After every president has been in officeand done with his term most people years later always say ...yea he was ok!! Even Nixon,with his impeachment!! There still was people saying he was a good president !! And even after all that Jazz about Clinton,they are still willing to vote for the wife that wasnt strong enough to kick him out but make him her campain manager!! So I really think time changes the way we think!! You never know ,,the next President may be so worthless that it makes George JR look pretty good!! Just my thoughts
  • I will tell them that I am one of the over 50 million voters who did not vote for George Walker Bush, and did not endorse his policies.
  • How I vote is my own private business. I don't even tell my own wife how I voted, THAT'S how private I consider it! It is none of my children's business how I vote. It will be none of my grand children's business, nor my great grandchildren's business. I don't have to answer to anybody for my vote, nor justify my vote for any reason. It's MINE. I'll spend my vote the way I want. And that's how EVERYBODY should handle their vote, I don't give a cr*p who they vote for! As for what to tell these people about the 43rd President...let's start with what will be written in the history books and go from there, shall we? And then I can say what I wish based upon my own first hand experience, having lived through it.
  • I'll tell my grandchildren that Intelligent and well-reasoned people did not vote for George W. Bush.
  • ....i will just advise them to never vote on race or gender.....character and merit only......clinton and obama were the 2 worst mistakes Americans ever made... the 43rd man was one of Americas most PATRIOTIC 'MEN' ever elected.......and R. Reagan next....

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