• Have you checked to make sure that a fuel line has not become disconnected?
  • There are two common types of throttle control systems around now. One is slowly replacing the other. Older vehicles usually have a physical throttle cable running from the gas pedal to the throttle body. With the advent of computers this setup is slowly dying off in favour of another one called drive-by-wire. Essentially your pedal is no longer connected to the throttle body. A sensor in the pedal measures how far down it is pressed, then tells the computer, which actuates the throttle body electronically. This allows the computer to adjust everything for best performance, etc. If it's a drive-by-wire system then you could have a problem with the sensor or another component. If it's a physical hookup then it requires a more intricate look to find the problem. I would start by looking at the throttle body while having someone slowly press the gas pedal. If the throttle doesn't move then you can actuate it manually (be gentle) in most cases. If it revs up under manual actuation then you need to probably take it in for a detailed inspection because the setup is not made for repair and is hard to get at. Have it towed in. If you have CAA they will tow it for free. Hope this helps, Good luck P.S. A description of the vehicle (make, model, engine, transmission, etc.) might help me offer more information. The answer above is a general one.

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