• Make out with the bride. Make out with the groom. Fall asleep. Start a food fight. Make a toast to divorce.
  • 1. Pass out. 2. Make passes at the bride or groom 3. Yell rude things while they are taking their vows 4. Strip 5. Re- arrange the decorations
  • Smash cake into anyone's face, so trite. Smash cake into anyone's face, so trite. Smash cake into anyone's face, so trite. Smash cake into anyone's face, so trite. Smash cake into anyone's face, so trite.
  • Fart when the bride says " I do ". Get drunk and try it on with the bride. Mention ex-girlfriends in your bestman's speech. Do the Hokey Cokey with the oldest granny in the reception. Throw up during the most lavish meal you've ever seen.
  • French the bride or groom...peek under the tables..steal the money box...puke in the limo....give the brides mom a wedgie.
  • Flirt with the bride or groom. Don't get drunk and make some awful toast No singing from the top of the table Say I object without reason Flash the preacher of any denomination
  • 1) ask about the last seven marriages of the bride 2) comment about the ants on the cake 3) hit on mother of the bride 4) make a toast using hand gestures that would make a motercycle gang member blush 5) offer to buy the bride's thong for $75
  • I know one thing and I did it. I was at my ex's brothers wedding, the brides father was drunk and tripped on the train of her dress and fell really fast backward, without his back even bending ,with a huge bang! I laughed my ass off through the whole thing! My ex wanted to kill me, but The bride always treated me like trash anyway, so I didn't really care and I couldn't actually help it. I couldn't even get up to leave because I was laughing too hard
  • sleep with the bride and groom
  • My mother did professional wedding cakes for years, I helped her at the weddings with set up. These are the observations I made. 1)Don't smash cake into your partners face, this is not very funny when it happens and years later the pictures are even less funny. 2)Don't serve alcohol if any of the immediate family are alcoholics, it not is not worth the arguments. 3)Don't put money down a brides bodice, if you want to do the bride dance, have the bride carry a small drawstring bag to put the money in. Two reasons, a)I am surprised at the number of 'friends' that would grope the bride, and b) that money gets very itchy while dancing. 4)Don't decorate the car in a manner that would be unsave for the couple to drive. 5)Don't have a ring bearer or flower girl under the age of four go down the aisle without an older escort. This has screwed up many weddings, they are cute and wonderful, but give the child an escort if you just have to have them in the ceremony.
  • Upstage the bride ( if she is lovely) Be late Get drunk & throw up Not turn up without telling them Stand on bride's dress
  • Run away with the bride. Eat half the cake.
  • Get married. Get caught up in the moment and ask someone to marry you. Sing. Kiss anyone anywhere, except on the cheek. Tell off color jokes.
  • Run a marathon out of down on the day of the couples wedding and then show up trying to sneak in while the couple are doing their vows. Happened to my wife and I, we're still upset at the pair of people who did it to us.
  • Fart right after "speak now or forever hold your peace".
  • 1. Have sex with the Bride 2. Have sex with the Groom 3. Spit 4. Sing your favorite song through a megaphone during the precession. 5. Dress in a barrel and suspenders with a sign around your neck that says "Look at Me!!" L M A O!!!
  • Lean over to either mother, and say "I'd do 'em" (about either bride or groom). ("I DID 'em" is even worse, especially to the mother or father of the one you DIDN'T do.) Laugh hysterically when the bride or groom say their vows. French kiss either the bride or the groom. "Taste" the cake before the bride and groom cut it (ESPECIALLY the top tier!) Stow away in the bride and groom's vehicle, with a camera, to video their honeymoon if they're unaware.

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