• Yes. Hyundai Group is a major corporation in South Korea. The international company supplies a product line that ranges from ships to stereo equipment. Headquarters in Seoul. h8siam
  • Although another person who answered was correct, Hyundai is planning on building the next generation Santa Fe SUV and the Sonata midsize sedan in Montgomery, Alabama starting next year. Technically, Hyundai would be considered mostly Korean and part American. I guess companies are starting to blur the line between domestic and import.
  • of course it is what do you think! It is definetly korean NOT japanese or chinese KOREAN(the technic country that bhas more I.T than the U>S)!!!!!
  • It is indeed.
  • Yes, Hyundai is a South Korean company that has a ship building division, vehicle division, etc. Major company, billions of dollars in assets. Hyundai also owns Kia, another South Korean car company.

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