• If you are looking for any reliable and affordable web hosting across India. Then I would recommend MilesWeb is the right choice for you. The leading web hosting company provides various services for web hosting such as VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, shared hosting, etc to their customers.
  • One just can't compare different cloud service provider without the criteria like Price, Performance, Uptime SLA, level of support, Security, latency and many more. The providers like AWS and DigitalOcean provides good performance but too costly, then there are many cheap providers but with poor performance and poor support. I use cloud service for many different purposes. I am a developer so I need IaaS for my personal use and I use cloud hosting as VPN also. I've tried Linode, Fx data cloud, Vultr and now got satisfied with Fx data cloud. I recently came to know about Fx data cloud( and gave it a try with simple 1 CPU, 512MB RAM plan. They provided good bandwidth with this basic plan and their support system is too good as I experienced it while resizing and rebuilding the server. I've migrated all of my servers to Fx data cloud and Now I'm relaxed.

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