• a mother and her child wer in the bath and the boy says mum whats that hairy thing?? mother says it my sponge and then her son says are yeah a saw linda washin dads face with hers the other day.... lmfao
  • Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.
  • please dont repeat this to anyone im only telling you this because you are a friend and i can trust you. guess who is due soon? **leave a space so the recipient has to scroll down before they see the answer. most people wont as they will believe it to be the end of your message** then write: SANTA!
  • I DK MY BFF jill. LOL
  • dont say any thing rite but guess whos still together after all the shit between them??? your arse cheeks lol
  • are you male or female? Look down to find out the answer . . . . . . . . . . . I said look down not scroll down you dip shit
  • Blonde wife painting house, husband walks in and cant believe that she is doing so well, but he has to ask her why she is she wearing a leather jacket AND a parker coat? "hellooo!" she says. " read the fucking tin, it says for best results put on two coats!"

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