• Thats like asking did O.J. kill his wife?
  • Who the hell are these people?
  • They have the same surname so it's an open and shut case.
  • Nope. McDonalds killed Stacy Peterson.
  • I am a very legal person and I cannot say because I have no heard the facts of the case. The media is portraying him to be a killer, noting his previous wife died and they love to create drama... I guess I am undecided and need to see how the case unfolds.
  • There's no question. He's guilty as all hell, on top of that he's a veeeery scary motherfucker.
  • I think he killed the 3rd wife and now Stacy.
  • Yes, I do. I would not make a good juror. That dude is a narcissistic prick and he killed her.
  • Yes I believe it because in the very beginning I meditated on the case and the Spirit of Stacy came in from the World beyond and held up her right finger up with a large diamond ring and said that Drew Killed her because she was going to leave him and he didn't want to divy up family holdings and he felt he was nearing retirement and didn't need this kind of thing happening at this time in his life. The blue barrell they are looking for is the tall blue barrel that looks like an ordinary barrel shape and I saw drew standing by a large tree and to his left was a narrow swift water way and the barrel was tossed into it and quickly disappeared and I believe fed into a larger body of water. At one point in my message gathering I saw a very wooded area and I also saw a small plane with two men in it looking down at the Ground?
  • Yes I had a dream. In that dream, i saw drew placing the body in a drain and all i saw was wall. I am not from the area so i can't picture where exactly. I dont think she is in water. LE keep searching. She will be found.

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