• Hey that is weird, you'd want to hope they aren't off when you put them in your mouth to freshen your breath. :P
  • Send them to me and I'll let you know. :-)
  • I hope not..........
  • Probably not unless there are buttercream mints and are homemade. If you mean breathmints or those red and white mints, they should be fine for YEARS. They will lose taste and texture quality, but they won't make you sick.
  • Federal law requires an expiration date on every packaged food. It does not have to mean anything.
    • Jewels Vern
  • The expiration date is more likely a "best before". It means that the quality is guaranteed constant until this date but you still can consume them after without any risk.
  • It's not nearly as weird as spelling "expiration" with an "e" in place of an "i". That is one of the most illogical misspellings I've seen yet. The last box of mints I bought said "best before end of 09/2016". I think they last a while longer than that.

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