• n snakes and lizards, males have a pair of intromittent organs called hemipenes, protrusible saclike diverticula at the entrance of the cloaca. During copulation, the retractor muscles of the hemipenes relax, turning the sacs inside out and allowing the flow of semen along a groove into the female's cloaca. Only one hemipenis is inserted in the female's cloaca during copulation. In short, a male snake has two organs for procreation whereas mammals have only one. The female also has two organs while mammals have one. However, only one organ is used during mating. Also, the organs are drawn up within the snake (males too) so you won't be able to see them (imagine if they didn't draw them up and had to slither everywhere?). This site explains how to determine the sex of a snake:
  • They do a lot of slithering, or is that an unwanted Harry Potter reference?
  • snakes do look like they wrestle and seem agressive when mating but in actual fact its all part of the sexual act eventually they line up with each other and start the penetration it is a slow process ..RBB
  • 7-12-2017 Lying down.

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