• Advantage: The watcher understands the movie even if it is in a foreign language. Disadvantage: Could be very very distracting.
  • Advantages: If you don't understand a word you can look at them, it helps hearing impaired people understand a movie Disadvantages: You might be having such a good time reading the subtitles that it could prevent you from watching the actual movie, it cold block some things in the scene
  • I agree with THE TROLL. While subtitles are great because you know every word being said, they are also very distracting and you usually end up missing half the movie because you are reading them all the time.
  • Advantages: The movie retains the flavor and originality of the original sound, dialogues and characterizations. Many a dubbing in films takes away from the experience. Disadvantages. Lowering your sight towards the bottom of the screen while reading the subtitles can become tiresome and/or distract you from appreciating details, facial expressions, etc.
  • ADV You can hear the original sound and voices of the movie and see the correct timing of expressions on the actor's faces as they speak their lines. DIS You are distracted from the actual movie and can miss some details.
  • I keep subs on my tv at all times. If you are on the phone with someone you'd rather not be, it can help out. I also don't like to keep the tv volume very loud, so that helps me keep it soft. I live alone, so I eat in front of the tv most of the time, and I can read the dialog if I'm eating something crunchy. Sometimes it obscures the screen if I'm actually paying attention to something. I don't like subtitles in movies, it makes it hard to focus on the action. No denying they're better than being in the dark, though.
  • Advantages: You understand what people are saying and get a better idea of what is happening. Disadvantages: You are more concentrated in reading the subtitles than is watching the movie. If you are practicing a new language you don´t learn.

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