• No. As long as you get it back, you are on their grounds and have to go by their rules. There are phones in the school in cases of emergancies. I cannot see how this would be a violation of the law. Correct me if I am wrong. By the way, that does not mean I agree with it or would find it fair, just that there isn't a legality issue that I can see.
  • Not if they have a policy where students are not allowed to carry cell phones in school. If that is one of the rules of the school the administration is perfectly within their rights by confiscating the phone.
  • No. The school has the right to take cell phones and return them. They have the duty of creating a safe environment conducive to learning. Also these can be used to cheat on exams. They have the right to limit distraction as well. A teen with a cell phone is a distraction to say the least.
  • The governing school board, have to make this policy change, so that all cellphone-bearing students, were treated equally. An example: the local school board changed the clothing policy, so that all students would be wearing essentially the same clothes. this was accomplished for several reasons. l. it eliminated see-through girls clothing and falling blue jeans worn by males. 2. pricey clothes were also eliminated. this gives all students an equal shot at wearing the same clothes in school. Cellphones in schools are a nuisance. they are distracting and should be left in a safe location at the beginning of each school day and returned at the end of the school day.
  • If it is illegal .. it shouldn't be, in Minnesota or anywhere else. If I were still teaching, I wouldn't waste my time in a class where cell phones were allowed.
  • This seems illegal to me... I am a student at a Texas high school in el paso. I got my phone taken away today and at my school, you must pay $15 to get your phone back, you have to wait 3 days to get it, and a parent must pick it up even though i am 18. Spring break is next week and the three day period will end on the monday following spring break, meaning i will not be able to have my phone for roughly 13 days (including today because it was taken in the morning). Why isn't this illegal? ME paying for MY OWN PROPERTY? And more importantly, taking a week out of my phone service that I AM PAYING FOR? The most disturbing part is when i refused to give up my phone, the two teachers involved threatened that if i did not give it to them, the 2 nearby police officers would basically "assault" me to get my phone. After the threat i decided to avoid further confrontation so i gave it up. They then proceeded to write me up. I waited in the office for an hour and a half, missing my whole economics period, and they never came back to tell me anything. Did they forget me? Did they cause me to miss a whole period of class just over a simple cell phone? I think there is way too much emphasis on restricting something that is extremely important in todays society, and i dislike the fact of how they see you as a criminal for having a phone in school.

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