• My weakness is that I'm a total workaholic who is blindly devoted to my company to the exclusion of all else. --- My weakness is strong older men with big brown eyes like yours. --- My weakness is that I never ask for a raise. --- My weakness is that I am so fast and efficient that I make my coworkers jealous of me.
  • Honesty! Everybody's got some type of weaknesses. We are only human.
  • Admitting I have one. ;)
  • I can't get the work/life balance right - I work much too hard. I am blindly loyal even when I am being ripped off. I am too keen to risk my life to save others
  • Admit a true weakness but follow up with what you are doing to improve or overcome said weakness.
  • It is common to answer that question the way that Im Alec did and most everyone's BS detector will go off. Never BS in an interview. Before you go to the interview get clear on what your strengths and weaknesses are. Frankly I think the question is BS and I would not work for someone who asks it. It is pedestrian and over used and does not tell you if the person can do the job at hand. Once you are clear on your weaknesses, don't do them anymore, do your strenghts. You can try hard to fix your weaknesses but they tend to be weak because of your make up. I am not detail oriented and I don't work on it. I work on being more creative and a better communicator since I am great at both of those things, becoming better is a good thing for my career and life. I wrote a book on this stuff, you can hear it for free at (You're Hired! Interview skills to get the job). I will answer more of these questions.
  • I do not have any - next question please.
  • I think it is a stupid question, but I think you should answer it honestly. I don't want a job that would require the use of one of my weaknesses, as I would not ever feel comfortable in the job.
  • Tell them.. Dark Chocolate, Red Wine and Imported Shoes.. they will probably laugh.
  • I used to tell the interviewer that I am a very good bookkeeper because I understand numbers, but I don't understand people. I am fast and efficient, except when I have to type. Mix my good points with my weak ones.
  • Kryptonite!
  • Be honest. I have been throuh several interviews, and most employeers need someone who will fit the position perfectly. But also dont tell them something stupid like kyrptonite. Also make shure that you give positive reenforcement about your weakness. When I was asked the question, I said that I talk too much and am a perfectionist. These are negitive and positive answers. Depending on who you interviewer is, they may veiw it differenty. Being so talkitive, I am good with people and can adapt to several situations. Being a perfectionist, I also take pride in my work and I do the best I can. So remember that Hosesty is hte best policy. Everyone has a few, so just take a minute to think what may annoy others, or get in the way of your work. Then think of the positive consequences. Hope that helps!
  • That you are a perfectionist at times, at that you tend to take on too much work.

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