• It gets returned with the message stating, "Insufficient postage." I know this from personal experience, a long time ago, I had sent a letter with the insufficient amount of postage and it got returned. I hope this helps!
  • When insufficient postage is put on one letter, it will be sent on to it's destination. They will attempt to get the postage due from the recipient. Some companies have a postage due account for this purpose. Most companies would rather pay 2 cents and get your payment than return it. If they refuse to pay the postage due, it will be returned to you refused. You will then need to remail it in a different envelope with the full postage. IRS never pays postage due, so it will be returned immediately without trying to collect postage. If you mail 10 or more pieces with postage due on them, they will all be returned for postage. In this case, you can add the addiitonal postage and remail. (be sure you cross out the returned for postage stamp)
  • You wasted your money.
  • In some nicer towns they will deliever it with a $.02 cent due. Most will return in for money $$.
  • it either gets returned insufficient postage, or gets delivered postage due. and, actually, stamps are now .41, aren't they?
  • in order to get around this... put your address in the going to area on the envelope and the receipient in the return address... when it gets returned for insufficent postage it will be at the destination it was meant for
  • When I've filled in for the secretary at our church office, I've seen it happen both ways: it will either get delivered and the recipient will be asked to pay the postage due, or it will be returned to you as the sender for insufficient postage.
  • Minimum 2 - 5 years in prison with a maximum of $15,000 fine and possible re-habilitation.
  • They deliver it postage due and you either have to pay for it when they deliver it or pick it up at the post office and pay for it.
  • The post office will return it to the return address listed on the envelope. Go to the post office and by additional postage.
  • A former client of mine had her mail returned to sender because of insufficient postage. (At least that's what she told me!)
  • if im not mistaken, from now on a stamp will hold its value as a stamp its still only worth face value but the post office will honor the stamp even if the price goes up... this may have just been a peice of legislation that is now dead but it sure would be nice
  • It's returned to sender with a note indicating that it's $0.04 short of the amount required to send the letter.
  • An envelope will not be de3livered with postage due, it will get returned for insufficient postage, does anyone in the mail world actually believe people are going to send them a check for a lousey 3 or 4 cents??? Come on!
  • Answerbag user Chelsea Mark, who is a postman, says, "Tight bastard, fancy putting an American stamp on it." and chucks it in the bin.
  • You'll start hearing silent helicopters buzzing around your house and men in black suits with dark sunglasses knocking on your door-OR- chances are it will go on it's merry way for the next 8 or 9 months until the 1 year anniversary of the postage increase when they will start sending it back to you because you will then be out of the "grace" period!!!! Hope this helps.
  • Well, unless you add 4 cents to the 37 cent stamp or 2 cents to the 39 cent stamp you will be under-postaged and your mail is subject to return to you. Of course, you could get lucky and your mail might be delivered. But, unless you don;t care put the correct postage on each envelope. Postage for first class mail is now 41 cents.
  • You;ll get your letter back or you won't. Don;t do it.
  • Return to sender...
  • The postal police hunt you down and kill your entire family
  • They get smacked in the mouth for not having stamp from this decade.

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