• I was not aware there was a difference between the US and the UK version. I think they just access different sites when you try to buy music depending on your IP address.
  • yes i do ,you only need a zip code that is in the usa ,i took a hotel zip code from new york and said it was my address .this only works if you are only using codes to be redeamed .i also used my hotmail address ( @ this is rather easy as your uk email address that your provider sent you does tie you to the uk. so get a hotmail address .find a hotel or store in the usoa and fill in the itunes store page for the us. i have been doing this for years ,i have all my best us tv shows and new movies .enjoy gordon
  • You'd need a US credit card... sorry :(
  • What is so great about the US version vs. the UK version?
  • I use both from the US, but I don't know whether you can do the same in reverse!

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