• Yes. The JW's with whom I've come into contact with over the years believe it is wrong to lie. I don't know about the organisation leaders but the individuals I'm speaking of do NOT lie nor do they teach their children to lie.
  • J.W's , from the scriptures, know that Satan is termed " The Father of the Lie:", so in no way will they follow that example. A previous claim has been made that the Societies leaders lie in regard to the scriptures. My response is; IF we have Almighty God's approval in what is preached and taught door to door, and IF any leader is lying about any aspect, then God will act to have that one removed. The "FEAR" of God means not dis-pleasing Him in any way. It also means RESPECT for His laws. The leaders of the Society have had these types of claims levelled at them ever since the turn of the century, even resulting in some being jailed in 1918. But their innocence was proved and they were released.
  • Although they claim it is, they frequently lie themselves. This often happens when dealing with difficulties within the organization, to make it look like nothing is wrong when in fact it would be easy to fix the problem. They also lie about changing doctrines, even tampering with the Bible, to protect their doctrine from the truth. They are also afraid of people who truthfully examine the Scriptures and disagree with their viewpoints, branding these whistleblowers "apostate". This practice is often common in dishonest organizations. Tobacco companies and the FDA also engage in lying to protect their reputations.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses believe EVERYTHING is wrong. They don't celebrate anything, christmas, easter, birthdays, new yea, you name it, it's all far too pagan. They don't like drinking, going out, associating with people who aren't Jehovah's Witnesses, they don't believe in homosexuality. They can't do anything fun, it's not allowed. You can't have your own opinions, and they threaten people with disfellowshiping them from the congregation. Which means they are no longer allowed to communicate with any other Jehovah's Witnesses, even their family. LOVELY.
  • Yes, according to one of my best friends (he is a JW) they do believe it is wrong to lie. But like most humans, with a sin nature.. they are not perfect and tend to lie at some point.. but they do teach against it, definately.
  • me studying being a jw its the greatest thing ever. we do think its a sin to lie because the bible says so. theres so many rumors about us that is not true. hopefully more people look in to it.
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses believe what God’s Word, the Bible teaches us about lying. God has made it very clear how he views lies, and those who tell them. The Bible tells us that among the things that are detestable to Jehovah God are “a false tongue” and “a false witness that launches forth lies”! Proverbs 6:16-19. Our Creator is called “The God of truth”. His word is truth; he cannot lie, and he condemns lying and liars. Please see Psalm 31:5: John 17:17 and Titus 1:2 in your own copy of the Bible (It does not matter what translation that you use). When he lived hear on Earth as a man, God’s Son Jesus always spoke the truth. It was said of Him by the apostle Peter, “He committed no sin, nor was deception found in his mouth”. See John 7: 1-13: 1 Peter 2:22. We are all sinful people, and we all have to struggle with our imperfect flesh daily. True Christians though except the weight of personal responsibility and do not make excuses for their weaknesses or try to ignore God’s Holy standards. Instead they accept that on becoming Christians they must continue to “put away falsehood” and “speak truth”. In February 2007, Jehovah’s Witnesses will be distributing the February 1, 2007 issue of the Watchtower Magazine. The cover title is “Must We Always Tell the Truth”? Ask for it when the Witnesses come to your door.
  • Jehovah Witnesses are a Christian religion. They beleive in the ten commandments. Which includes that it is a sin to lie. This is possibly another one of those Jehovah Witness bashing questions. I find it really offensive the anti-Jehovah Witness brigade on AnswerBag and Im an atheist. I cant understand why they are singled out. This question is not offensive compared to the other ones I have answered. There are many things about many relgions I do not like but we need tolerance. So I have added 3 points to all the positive answers and ignored the negative ones.
  • I will now back up my disparaging remarks. Go to for more information about how they themselves lie, and under what circumstances. Also, check up to see what happens when doctrines change and they wish to hide them.
  • When Jehovah's Witnesses call at your home during February, make sure you get the February 1, 2007 issue with the cover article "Must We Always Tell the Truth". The development of this subject in the magazine will sufficently answer all the angles of this question. I was reading it the other day and found it to be enlightening. If you don't have a JW call at your home, find out when their local meeting is and come 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after and ask any one of the congregation members for a copy of this issue. The one point that was developed that I found to be very informative was under the subheading "What is a Lie?" Helps you to see that Every lie is an untruth, but not every untruth is a lie
  • I don't care who ya are, if ya believe it is right to lie, then somethin' be wrong wit'cha.
  • If lying is defined as, deliberately giving false information in order to mislead someone, then I'd have to say, NO they don't believe in doing that. I think they are very sincere in their beliefs, and have a genuine desire to share with others what they feel to be true. That is not to say I believe what they say is true, because I don't. To me the message they are trying to share has very little truth to it. To ME that is!! They themselves believe deeply in it, so they ARE being true to themselves! If I were to go door to door with the same message as them, I WOULD be a liar, because I wouldn't believe what it was I was saying. There is the difference, for all of you who accuse them of being liars, just because you yourself don't believe their dogma. It's important to understand the meaning of the question before going on the offensive. Even if I think their message IS a lie, they can still hold true to their belief that lying is wrong when they spread it, because to them it's true!
  • It's not an attack.It's a truthful answer. If you would rather not hear the truth that is your privlege. The turth doesn't change only the Watchtower does and their souls are in danger of being lost forever. Other people can witness also tou know.
  • Jesus, what a loaded question. Believe it is wrong to lie ? sure Do JW's lie ? Ya Goddamned rights they do !! Married to one for 12 years. They're all full of shit.
  • Absolutely God’s view of malicious lying, as reflected in the Law, has not changed. Those desiring to gain God's approval cannot engage in the practice of lying. Col 3:9, 10
  • Yes we obey the Bible which tells you not to tell lies. That's why Jehovah's witness is like to carry a Bible so that we can refer people to the written word of God.

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