• Both of my daughters attended public school. The elder qualified for a special program in high school which allowed her to get certified as a Licensed Practical Nurse when she graduated. The younger was in the "gifted" program, which was a joke, and dropped out and got her GED at 16. She immediately entered college and has been in school ever since (she's now 28). My children got a great deal of education at home, as academics were heavily emphasized, and both have commented that it made a significant difference to them. Children are all different and different environments can be optimal for them. The problem with any school setting (public or private) is that it's formulaic, so parents need to supplement what goes on in the classroom in order to connect the child with the learning process and the joy of learning.
  • Public school. Seems illogical to spend so much taxes to support the school system and not take advantage of it. Our public school system is excellent.
  • I sent my daughter to public school cause that was what I could afford. She graduated at the top of her class with a 3.9 grade average.
  • I sent my 5 kids to a private grade school then a public high school. I believed the first yeasr were most imporntant and could not afford a private high school.
  • My 6 year old daughter is currently attending public school, but I make it a point to be involved - get to know her teachers, audit classes from time to time, do homework with her. Her father and I are also active participants in her education. Maddie explores science and math with her father and art and language with me. She is an amateur "pebble pup", knows how to use a microscope, has endless curiosity about the world around her and we encourage that. She also loves to draw, paint, work with clay, and write stories and we encourage that as well.
  • My kids went to both public and private schools. The private school was awesome, the kids were happy and interacted well with each other and the staff. There seemed to be very little, if any, bullying. The kids were actively encouraged to speak up and have their say about their school and the things that were important to them. They were encouraged to set and achieve their own goals. The teachers gained resepct through the time and effort they put into teaching the children and I really was very impressed with their system and way of doing things. If I had to do it over I would do whatever I could to ensure my child attended a private school. ~ I know five children who felt like outcasts because they were pulled out of the school system to be home schooled. Having to be home schooled seemed to confirm their belief that they were social outcasts and somehow unacceptable to people around them. They all displayed low self esteem, lack of faith in themself, constant rebellious issues and eventually, an inability to effectively communicate and interact with children their own age. I would never home school a child unless absolutely necessary and if I had to, then I would ensure they maintained very regular social interaction with children their own age :)
  • My son attends a private christian acadamy. We had so much trouble with the public school system in my town I have rather pay the extra money to have him attend a school where children are actually #1 priority.
  • Public Schools
  • My 4 children all attended public schools. They all have high school diplomas, and have gone on to further their education on the college level. My oldest daughter has a degree in child psychology. My oldest son decided to get his real estate brokers license. My youngest son is pursuing a career in the culinary arts at a renowned school, and my youngest daughter is taking college classes in general studies as I write this.
  • i went to public school and i hated it if i can afford the fees i would send my children to private schools and then as they move up in to secondry (or high) school they will have the choice
  • I went to public school for K-3, private for 4-8 and public for 9-12. Private school put me ahead of my public school classmates when I went to high school. The transition from private to public was also very difficult for me. I plan to send my children to entirely public or entirely private schools. With any luck we will be able to afford a great private school, otherwise, we'll move to a good public school district.
  • Practically, ALL of the above! I am a private tutor myself, so have given them extra. But nevertheless, everyone of them has had time at private and time at public schools. As I commented above: The way the system has developed over some decades now is that very often, the lower class Uni graduates aren't 'good enough' to get into higher paid vocations; so they opt out into teaching - even though the don't necessarily like it and don't like the kids either!!! Just a current fact of life! Regardless of which however, I think that getting rid of pseudosciences like evolution, for instance, will help all young appreciate more of their own intrinsic value in life ... especially as I and many others have proven it false many times over. I don't know why they persist in the drivel. See my discovery, below, for instance: (a) Is this the Best way of going about this, or is there a better?? (b) How would you improve upon this presentation OR upon any explanation?? THANK YOU greatly for your much-needed and much-appreciated help. CONSIDER: 1. Uniquely: NEW DISCOVERY strongly supports ALL Biblical verses and texts that even remotely relate to the Biblical Adam and Eve account!! 2. Also … EVOLUTION?? For myself, I do not just Believe ‘Biological Evolution of the Species’ NOT to be true, I have literally and uniquely PROVEN that it is NOT – Scientifically! There are 2 "animals" that specifically and comprehensively disprove evolutionary theory beyond all doubt: Snake & Man. WHY?? They are Precise opposites in everything - both behaviourally and anatomically!! As a Specialist Anatomist and Kinesiologist, I undertook a comparative study over nearly 10 years, firstly discovering, then proving, this great, yet simple, phenomenon. ‘WHY DO YOU SAY THEY ARE OPPOSITE??’ you may ask. The query also often arises: "Well, if they are precise opposites, Why do they both have backbones and breathe air, and have many other apparently similar internal organs?” In answering this, it needs to be both - recognized and acknowledged that "kinds" of organism [or species] cannot simply defy the Higher overall laws of nature and basic requirements of life itself, in order to, simply, ‘differentiate species’. That is the number 1 rule of comparative science. What I am saying here is that because of their size, and land-dwelling nature, etc., they are, necessarily, Both vertebrate, and require some similarity for survival – alimentary system, and other basics viscerals, etc. – to live efficiently and satisfy the very requirements of effective survival, according to their overall land-dwelling nature. (Most specifically, I speak particularly of venomous ground snakes in this study.) There, after satisfying the fundamental laws of survival itself and of living an effective existence, their 'similarities' completely end! Thereafter, they are total opposites in everything – in terms of all possible differentiating factors among the beasts that exist. In fact, a very close examination will reveal that snakes cannot be more unlike other beasts, either, if they tried! For that matter, neither could Man be more different than everything else!! ... and that is, despite all the claims of genetics, etc., that various species [of ape, etc.] possess 99% similarity with the DNA of Man. Despite all this supposed similarity, there is nothing that really well compares to Man at all among the beasts that exist. OBJECTION BY ANOTHER ANSWERER RE MY DISCOVERY: You don't appear to understand the math involved in evolution or genetics. We may have 99% similar DNA to a Chimpanzee, but we also have 80% similar DNA to a banana. MY RESPONSE: Well, really, I DO believe I understand the maths in genetics! As a mathematician myself, what you're saying is precisely what I am saying. The whole concept of opposites is purely mathematical. The claims by geneticists that we all (Man and Beast, more particularly) spring from the same evolutionary derivatives/tree/chain simply because our DNA's are so alike - especially, chimps and humans being so close is my particular point – is precisely why I say that that % DNA similarity does not make us similar or of the same background – especially when you consider the considerably close % of the banana, as well – at 80% similarity. Despite the ‘DNA similarity’, the point is that this DNA similarity has to actually evidence properly in nature – Both, behaviourally and anatomically. Bananas?? I don’t think so! The similarity re DNA merely proves that ALL life has to have certain characteristics and similarity of feature simply in order to satisfactorily survive, alive in nature – so that it exists and operates efficiently. After all, God is a God of law and order. Is He not?? Snakes and Man, therefore, share DNA similarities, so does the banana, but only so far as to make them live effectively in nature. There, having accomplished necessary efficiency and life survival apparati, similarity totally ends! Specie-wise, Man and snake are precise Opposites – even among those similar survival organs and features – lung/s, heart, mouth, alimentary canal, etc. – a close study shows there is great opposition between the two. Now this extraordinary discovery of total opposites tends to disprove random chance mutation – per evolutionary theory – in defining the types of life that exist. It also confirms a deliberation in Creation – it tends to most powerfully support that there is a God in nature – determining the nature of matters and designing them for His own specific purposes. Similarly, it also powerfully supports the Biblical account of Adam and Eve, wherein it was the very serpent, itself, in fact, which was used by Satan to oppose God to Eve. As you may recall, as a result of this act by the serpent, God cursed all things – changing them – but none so greatly as the snake!! [See Holy Bible – Genesis, Chapter 3] Obviously, as this study shows, among all the changes that were made was the symbolic representation re the snake that epitomized this very act – its Opposition to Man and God!! … all the more so when we consider, as well, that that same record declares that Man was created in the express image of God. [Genesis, Chapter 1] This recognition and acknowledgment makes the whole proposal of expressed symbolic opposition between Man and snake all the more significant, given the Biblical history. Now, may I acknowledge, immediately, that God was the reason for and avenue of, enabling this Great Discovery re early Biblical Proof … it came about totally, under His direction, guidance and revelation! Hence, His Great name: “The Master”. SO VIA HIS GRACE TO US, LET’S JUST SIT BACK AND ENJOY JUST A BRIEF LIST RE OPPOSITION BETWEEN MAN AND SNAKE FROM THE BOOK, “TWO BIRDS … ONE STONE!!” (Denis Towers) SNAKES VS MAN: Horizontal flat ambulation vs upright, vertical. Lies flat along the ground vs. stands erect Indented penis (lies pushed into the inside of the body when ‘flaccid’) vs external in Man Forked divergent tongue vs convergent [narrowing] While on the tongue: no apparent taste buds vs Yes…. Tongue: Much external time vs mostly within mouth Flattened head vs domed high skull No appendages vs greatest appendicular/axial skeletal ratio of all vertebrates In rest/reclination: human - supine, straight, or zig-zagged position vs coiled, etc In movement: snake – zig-zagged, random vs direct, deliberate, straight ahead Ears? Has none (possible internal mechanism) vs Ears & external reception Nose? Has none – excellent internal mechanism vs external reception, but weak Vocalization? Has none – is a ‘hiss & a byword’ vs… Eyes? Venomous groundsnakes: mainly monocular vs binocular Food gathering & living practices? Nocturnal vs diurnal Hibernates & seasonal vs all year around performer… Dormant hidden lifestyle vs active [!], healthy[!] open Almost still sex copulation for hours vs acceleratory [in health & vitality] Eyes covered-hidden by own skin [that is, internal, weak] vs momentary blink, direct contact with external environment, strong vision… Audio: internal & almost non-existent vs external entry – prime means of communication Smell: internal, powerful vs external [weak, by comparison with beasts, generally] Touch: thick scaly skin - insensitive vs great sensitivity… TASTE?? Apparently, non-existent vs opposite… Multi-coloured ‘skin’ vs great uniformity Also tremendous variation in size [6” – 30’] vs…comparative uniformity [in health] Copulating penis? Hooked & downward pointing vs. upward & erect, etc. Only erectile structure/s [fangs] initiate death vs only erectile structure in Man initiates life 2 peni vs singular penis Mainly [deadly groundsnakes, that is] oviparous vs viviparous birth to young Consumption? No chewing all in 1 great gulp vs boundless chewing & into small pieces Head 1st consumption of victim vs. rarely eat heads Retractible, curved, sharp teeth, pulling long-ways vs fixed, non-curved, mostly molar teeth, which effect direct up & down crushing effect on food Food totally meat – eaten alive vs mainly ‘picked’ and cleaned fruit & veges, etc. Any meat is killed, prepared and cooked. (Note that even among other carnivorous beasts, most include some vegetation) And the hits just keep on coming between the opposition of Man & snake!! VESTIGIAL APPARATI: Some snakes have miniscule, Internal, unobservable, (supposed) less active pelvises. Again, in typical opposition between Man and snake, a man’s (woman’s, in particular) is more outwardly obvious, and forms part of the system of the leg. In similar opposite manner, again, snakes possess outwardly-displayed, tails; Man’s is considered ‘vestigial’ and ‘buried’ to outside nature. This notice inadvertently, recently came by way of another objector, “MvL”: Thanks to his observation, I learned, or realized, more particularly, yet this further opposite between the two. (He was actually trying to introduce a point for the opposition camp[!], ‘poor fellow’): re the “Vestigial structures” he pointed out; I hadn’t thought of it previously. So that was, as all else, very useful to our cause. Yes; I must admit, I originally pointed out in my ‘work’ that in Opposition to snakes, humans have no tail - and certainly, in outwardly visual terms, this is so. However, I'm glad MvL highlighted these structures vestigially. Now we can report that Man’s ‘tail’, being internal, is not visible externally, whereas the snake’s, of course, is external throughout. Conversely, Man’s pelvis, etc. is externally ‘present’, whereas, in typical opposition, the snake’s is buried. You'll note, accordingly, that the vestigial structures of the snake - its pelvic - lie laterally across its body, whereas, in complete opposition, Man's – his vestigial tail bone – lies vertically, along his longitudinal plane. So, this was, inadvertently, a good further point for our cause! NOW, further [Behavioural considerations re this new anatomical observation]: Man's vestigial apparatus here, assists his "REST" Mode in life – that is, sitting. Snake, in the true Opposition that he seems to epitomize across every feature of life, uses his vestigial apparati for active purposes – balance in movement and assistance in the sexual act. As most simply curl or coil up in rest, his miniscule pelvis is obviously, not needed for his rest periods! SO ONCE AGAIN, IN DECISIVE MANNER, THE SNAKE HAS PROVEN HIMSELF QUITE OPPOSITE MAN IN ALL THINGS! Good ol’ MvL, God bless him, then proposed that he could also prove that pigeons or dogs were also ‘opposite humans’. I responded in the following manner: You are right, MvL. One thing I learned from all my 9 year research into this matter is that animals are quite unlike humans - if not, opposite humans in so many aspects themselves! In like manner (re our hypothesis), however, snakes appear to be even more unlike anything else that exists on earth than even humans do!! ... including their [supposed] ‘nearest cousins’ (lizards), if you really study them very closely, that is. They are at considerable variance with one another. Whereas, if you made a comparative study of the oppositeness of feature between [say] a cow and a bird, or a snail and a dog, you would not access nearly as many opposites by comparison. Perhaps, somewhat surprising, but true nonetheless, if you examine them closely feature by feature! 3 THINGS ... three things virtually decide the issue quite firmly [well, 4 really] but one always holds his Trump card for more opportune situations: 1. Diametric opposites over so many countless characteristics and sub-characteristics such as are involved within the enormous Complexities of Man & the snake = mathematical impossibility via Random (chance) mutation to achieve, especially given that even evolutionists declare that mutations, meaning "’successful’ mutation” as in successful transfer of increased information via some kind of “mutant” are rare to the point of being almost impossible – in other words, they virtually, Never happen! 2. THEN, if one has managed to pretend to that mathematical impossibility, he THEN has to have BOTH of these creatures "select" for all those exact Opposites of characteristic in ALL of their ultimate life-environment choices!!!!!!!!!!!! Having ‘achieved’ mathematical denial already twice, why not go for the ‘hat-trick’ – 3 in a row!! 3. So, having previously denied the odds involved against the first two ever occurring, why should he not simply deny the substance of mathematics in his 3rd inescapable dilemma?! The next mathematical burden – yet the next enormous task: Explaining How on earth these 2 opposite creatures happened to live on earth at the very same miniscule period of the overall evolutionary process between the two[??!!!!] – seeing that the claim of evolution is that Species CONTINUOUSLY change – forever! If that be the case, then surely, rather than both being here at the very same miniscule time-period, either, one should have already moved on millions/100,000's years ago, or, if that be not the case, BOTH should still be coming, but almost certainly, at different rates, to some point where they may have been opposites had they both existed simultaneously! So, how is it that they happen to both be present here at the very same time!! BASICALLY, WHY ARE THEY BOTH HERE AT THE VERY SAME POINT IN “EVOLUTIONARY HISTORY” – THAT IS, AMONG THESE (SUPPOSED) MILLIONS & MILLIONS OF YEARS OF RELENTLESS CHANGE????!! Now, the Final point [not the 4th card, for that is ‘trade secret’] is that ONLY an act of deliberation could possibly account for such diametric oppositeness between 2 creatures like that. Now, fortunately, practically everyone I speak to about this discovery draws that final conclusion for themselves. Only the religiously anti-religious BLINDS HIS MIND TO GOD TO THE POINT THAT ‘GOD JUST DOES NOT EXIST’ [FULL STOP]! From my experience of such an one, it is merely his ‘determination to close on the recognition or acknowledgment of a God’ that prevents him drawing the only natural conclusion that can be drawn from the results of this entire study. For further clarification, you might try the Book, as mentioned above. JUST A SPAT RE A FEW MORE OPPOSITES BETWEEN MAN AND SNAKE: Ratio of Brain size to mouth: extremely low – only a fraction vs. most pronounced of all known creatures [a case of ‘mind over matter’, I believe] Sheds its ‘skin’ in 1 whole piece vs. in total opposition, not so Snake sleeps with open eyes vs. shut-eye Arrangement of internal organs: Mostly in single file vs. paired Accordingly, lives mostly alone vs. in pairs/families Deserts its young even before birth [eggs] vs. constant nurture and parental nourishment Cold-blooded vs. warm… Head in dirt vs. head nearest the heavens, etc. Here, you have but a mere mini-list of the all-encompassing complete oppositeness: Man vs. snake! May God Bless You ALL PLEASE DISSEMINATE THIS SIMPLE YET ASTOUNDING DISCOVERY WORLDWIDE! THANK YOU.
  • We are going to homeschool our children. The public schools are here are crappy, and my son has ADHD.. he needs special attention.

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