• Erm... I'd say that anything at -245C is colder than anything at -143C ... But really, I don't think you will EVER get a gas at -245 (that's nearly absolute zero {-273C?} ...), so perhaps a gas at -143 is colder because it's the only one that exists... ***** Is this a trick question or serious? : D
  • Of course, the gas at negative 245 degrees Celsius.
  • The gas at -245 degrees Celsius. "At ambient pressure the boiling point of liquefied helium is 4.22 K (-268.93°C). Below 2.17 K liquid 4He has many amazing properties, such as climbing the walls of the vessel, exhibiting zero viscosity, and offering no lift to a wing past which it flows." Source:
  • The ladder of course!
  • The gas at -245 degrees Celsius is colder. Are you familiar with the number line and numbers values?

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