• I believe the word you are looking for is Quadruped - yes it does sound like Quadro-ped however it is spelled differently. Quadruped means "4 legged" like a dog, horse, cat, pig, chick... Woops - those are bipedal. ;-) Can elderly people _____________ (Fill in the blank). The human body can live to around 120 years of life. Many of us are born into an era and in a place where good health care means that we will be able to experience most of that time in good health if not in better health in the decades to come. As it stands many 80, 90 + year olds are doing things that many 20 something year olds can not (or will not) do. Like sky diving, skiing and yep even riding horses. Many elderly people are fitter than their 20-something counterpoints now days. In future (like when you get old and gray) most likely you will not be gray and will not look young and will spend the first 60, 80, 90 years of your life looking no older than 40.
  • Gosh I hope so since I'm headed in that direction! If the elder is in reasonable shape, and ideally either has some prior knowledge of horses and horsemanship then I would say yes. I know of rather a few elders...65 to 85 years of age who still are fairly active riders, and at least one of them owns and rides a horse the likes of which I'm not real keen on hopping up on...she(the horse) is a major hand full in general and her partner (the human) is just about the only one who DOES totally relax on that beast! The horse is sweet, but a LOON! I've also given lessons to people as old as 60, but I promise you, it was ONE on ONE and I knew the horses 100%!

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