• Guatemala City Panama City Vatican City 3
  • Brasilia-Brazil Tunis--Tunisia Monaco San Marino Andorra
  • Luxembourg is the onbly one I can think of at this moment.
  • Djibouti
  • Was asked that very question today and racked my brain.... came up with mexico, luxembourg, san marino and panama b4 I looked online and all I can find online was this question!! anyways I had thought of monaco but thats a pricipality city state so can't really count as the city is the stae not sharing a name with its state. in that same vain I discounted Singapore and Lichtenstein. Also thought of Andorra but I'm sure its capital is called Andorra La Ville....just checked wiki.. its Andorra le vella!! so there you go!!
  • Has everyone forgotten Kuwait
  • Singapore (only one city in country) Vatican City (ditto) Kuwait City San Marino
  • It's not a country (although if some people have their way, it would be), but Quebec's capital is Quebec City.
  • Alright all just thought id add this list to help you all out I was wondering this question myself so did a bit of reasearch Algeria - Algiers Andorra - Andorra La Vella Brazil - Brasilia Dijbouti - Dijbouti City Guatemala - Guatemala City Kuwait - Kuwait City Luxembourg - Luxembourg City Mexico - Mexico City Panama - Panama City San Marino - San Marino City Tunisia - Tunis These are a bit more difficult to agree on I think The Republic Of Congo Brazzaville (Brazzaville Is used only to distinguish it from DR Congo) - Brazzaville The Democratic Republic Of Congo (DR Congo)(Zaire)(Congo Kinshasa) - Kinshasa (Kinshasa) Is Used only to distinguish it from Republic of Congo Monaco - Monaco? Monte Carlo? (City State) Singapore - Singagpore (City State) Guinea Bissau - City not named after the Country the Country was named after the City. To distinguish it from Guinea Cheers Alex
  • Mexico Panama Vatican Andorra Guatemala San Marino Luxembourg Monaco Singapore Kuwait I don't think Hong Kong is a country though.
  • this isn't a country but Quebec's capital is: Quebec City.
  • Continental Americas Mexico City Brasil Guatemala City Panama City San Salvador? in El Salvador Asia and Africa Kuwait Algiers? in Algeria Taipei in "Chinese Taipei" or Taiwan Djibouti Bissau in Guinea-Bissau Caribbean St. Pierre? in Saint Pierre and Miquelon Santo Domingo? in the Dom. Rep. Sao Tome? in Sao Tome and Principe Europe the Vatican Monacco Luxembourg Andorra le Vella(Andorra City) San Marino
  • Guatamela Luxembour Mexico City Monaco Singapore Vatican Macau Hongkong

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