• Tidal energy is made by creating a damn, also called a barrage, across the opening to a tidal basin or estuary (U.S. DOE, 2003). The tides rise and recede due to the gravitational pull that is exerted on the earth by the moon and sun. The high and low tides are created when the sun and moonÕs gravitational pull are parallel to each other. When the high and low tides occur there is the greatest potential to turn potential energy into kinetic energy. ttp://
  • Not to be confused with wave energy, which although has the same form (water rising then lowering), occurs much faster.
  • Tidal energy is obtained by using the movement of water to spin a turbine or propeller much like how windmills produce energy except it is underwater. There are several techniqes including building a dam in an estuary(bay) with a quantity of turbines built into the dam. It funtions almost exactly like a dam on a river. Because the water is higher on one side, there is a rush of water through the turbine, thereby spinning it and an electical generator attached produces electricity. It can function with both incoming and outgoing tides. Another method is basically an underwater windmill when the tide comes in (water moving towards land)the current spins The mill which in turn spins a generator making electricity. This method requires no dam. There are probably several other methods also.

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