• Why in God's name would I want them not to win? I couldn't imagine the world if they didn't.
  • your thinking seems to be quite opaque if not blinded completely by neo-conservative ideology. i don't think anyone sides with terrorism. did you read the article i posted on your other question? here it is in case you have forgotten:
  • Definitely, without a doubt I want to see America and our Allies come out victorious over both the Islamo-fascists and their supporters in the form of the seditious liberal left within our country.
  • Sorry to answer a question with a question but.. What is your definition of "win"? How do we know when we've won?
  • Yeah of course. Every decent person is against terrorism.
  • Terrorism isn't a physical entity that can be 'deleted'. It's a way of thinking. You can't defeat a way of thinking with bullets and bombs. No person in their right mind would like to see widespread terrorism, but in my way of thinking, we're in for a very long ride, the world is so much different after '911'. Every terrorist that's killed is replaced by several more. The solution, I believe, (if there is one), is to address the issues that gave rise to terrorism in the first place. Terrorist attacks are a symptom of a much more widespread disease.....idealism and fanatiscm. I would love terrorism to be defeated, but violence begets violence.
  • The war on terror is a lot like the war on drugs. There's no tangible enemy, there's no one country to fight, there's no way to know when the foe has been defeated beacause the foe isn't a person or army but a behavior. It's not so much a situation that can be won as a stance against anyone who employs terrorist measures. And since terrorism has existed as long as mankind (some might consider the early American colonists terrorists against England), there's probably no end to it in the near future.
  • terror can never die
  • I would rather have us win of course.
  • The day America wins a war against an abstract concept will be the day America will cease to be nothing more than an abstract concept in its own right.
  • If america wins this war, the whole world loses .. its not pretty .
  • Thank you for your opinion. Your dissent will be sent to DHS for analysis and archiving. You are now on the no-fly list, and DHS will be escorting you to an opinion center in the morning. Have a good day.
  • If america defeated terrorists that would eliminate most of the US government...most of the US government is some part of the terrorist, the ideal of terror is silly, how can you defeat and ideal...
  • That very mentality is why the 'war' is already lost.
  • Maybe, just maybe we could look at the issue a bit differently. Suppose, instead of "winning a war" we tried to work for some kind of mutual understanding, search for common goals and ultimately learn the principles of co-existence? Just what is it that those who use terror, what are they trying to achieve? Is it possible to have a dialogue with them? We've had Cuba sitting 90 miles from our coast and for 50 years we haven't talked to them. For god's sake, why not? Why not make some serious attempts to talk, to understand, to explain and to explore the possibility of peaceful co-existence? Don't tell me the other side won't talk. We haven't given it a serious try. Put Hollywood into making a world-wide publicity campaign urging the rest of the world to sit down at a bargaining table and work to eliminate poverty, provide drinkable water to ALL the world's population, provide international health care, international education, etc. Terror just might disappear from the marketplace to be replaced by friendly competition in the economic sphere. Or something better.
  • The war on terrorism is already lost. Political correctness has put an end to it.
  • You can't win or lose a war against a non-specified enemy. "Terrorism" itself is a political term that is applied based on who's side we are on at the moment. Bin laden's tactics against the Soviets were considered "freedom fighting" and heroic. We have had terrorists in this country long before 911 and always will. Thee kkk is defined as a terrorist organization and they are not going away anytime soon. Until the entire word agrees completely on ideology and economics there will always be many willing to take extreme measures that will be defined as "terrorism" to their political enemies. The only thing waging a "war on terror" creates is a perpetual war that is politically advantageous to stir the mob mentality of blind patriotism and nationalism. We can wipe out Al-Qaeda, Hamas and all the other major named players and you will still have an an endless supply of middle eastern people who hate the imbalance in policy when it comes to them and Israel. We simply don't have a central, well defined enemy to declare victory over or concede defeat too. the only winner in a perpetual war are those who make their living via war, be that fearmongering politicians on both sides, weapons manufactures (and other war support industries)and pundits who make careers out of this stuff both for and against.
  • The famous "War on Terror" (wot) is a fantasy war created on fear tactics to manipulate societies around the world. History repeats, wot replaced the "Cold War" that lasted over 50 years to fight "comunism" around the world. A new -war- version for the big corporations to profit. My 2 cents.
  • What the US and their allies are doing is terrorism, they're invading countries and outs demands on others with threats of invasions because an organization blows up a few buildings, more people die from bad healthcare in the states than terrorism. The terrorism hype is a way of distracting people from the insanities in our own countries. My point is, there is no war on terror so none can win it.
  • Nobody can win the war against terror. Where is the capital of the country of terror? Who would sign the surrender document? What army command would give the order for terrorists to lay down their arms? The war against terror is a metaphor, not a literal war. It can never be won - and the attempt to do so is doing the terrorists work for them. The aim of the terrorists is to stir up hatred between America and the East and dissent between America and its allies. And they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
  • LMFAO at war on terror SHAKES HEAD. stupidity and it coming from ignorant Americans. I'm not going to answer this question. WAR ON TERROR = propaganda, get it already.
  • Its a terror war on uhm Iraq etc cause of an Organization not even located there? There is no war on terror, btw 58 Americans die every year from "terrorism" thtas ALOT elss than die from peanut allergies. The actual terrorist are the ones spreading the terror of these "oh so very dangerous organizations" and those are your mainstream news.
  • I'd rather deal in reality myself. You'll never win a war on terror because war is terror. You must strive for justice since terrorism is the result of injustice. Killing more of those attacking you in your homeland for killing their innocent in theirs just perpetuates the terror.
  • It's not a traditional war. You cannot "win" the war on terrorism. It's an idea, technically speaking of course. You can kill all the terrorists you want, but more will always pop up.
  • Do you actually think terrorism is a war that can ever be won? I don't think it is. Terrorism is everywhere in every country..sometimes the people in your own country terrorize you more than any outsider would. It is a never-ending struggle.. there will never be a "final shot" or a "final death" and then we can say "we won"! Happy Sunday! :)
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. How do you know you have been defeated or won? It is not like king of the hill and if you control X amount of mountain range you win. Is defeat when you have to toss out your liquids before getting on a jet and remove your shoes? Do you say you are defeated when you have to allow yourself to be taped without a court order. Define exactly what IS a win over terrorist and terrorism when they are not one group or one government?

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