• I just take the top off and then I blow it (shoot it) at whoever I'm eating with. My mom's really fun to "shoot" even though I get in trouble!
  • Rip it into pieces, lol
  • I wad it into a small ball and put it on the table. Then when I have finished eating I stack all the dishes and put all the used napkins, silver and such on top of them. I have been called crazy (it is the job of the waitress/waiter), but it's a habit and I see no reason to break it.
  • Crinkle it up and roll it into a ball and place it carefully on the table so it doesn't roll away and make a mess.
  • Wrinkle it up and throw it at Chay!
  • Sometimes I scrunch the wrapper to the bottom of the straw, pull it off, and drip bits of water onto the wrapper to see it "grow" When I was little I'd tear it into bits and make little collages against the condensation on my glass. But most of the time I roll it into a neat little ball and set it on the first plate to go back to the kitchen.
  • Chew it up in my mouth and then fire it through the straw at the person I'm with's forehead
  • Fold it into a paper spring....
  • I usually tie it in knots.
  • I scrunch it down to the bottom of the straw and keep it crunched up, lay it on the table, then take the straw and take a tiny drop of water and put it on the paper... and it looks like a worm squirming!!! I am not kidding.
  • Give it to the waitress to wrap another straw up for the next guest.
  • When I was a teen, we used to say that if you tied it in a knot and pulled, and it broke cleanly without a knot on either side, then someone was thinking of you right at that moment. If not, and you had a knot on one end, no dice. I still do this from time to time.
  • When I was in college, we always did the knot-tying "is someone thinking of you" thing. After college, I got married, and at this point, I no longer care whether someone else is thinking about me, so I just tie it in a knot and leave it unpulled.
  • If I'm nervous, I'll fold it into a triangle shape. If not, then I scrunch it up and throw it away with my used napkins.
  • I make my kids pick them up after they are done upsetting my wife by blowing them at each other! :)
  • Pull off one end, pull the other end a bit off, twist the end to seal any leaks, put it to my mouth, and shoot the wrapper at whoever I'm eating dinner with. I don't do that at a fancy place or with people who aren't good friends.
  • Twiddle and play with it until the food comes.
  • i usually crush it into a ball and just put it to the side....if i'm eating with family i tend to flick it at my sister lol
  • A person with manners should fold it or ball it up and set it aside at the end of the table. At the end of the meal you place it on your plate for the waitress/busboy to pick up or you dump it if you bus your own plates. What the riff raff with no manners do will tell you in others answers..

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