• Its called a loop. You can do that with a for loop (recommended), while loop...or pretty much whatever variation of loop you choose.
  • What is you display if it is a web page or the window form.
  • All modern monitors have a little set of power management commands so that a computer can turn off the monitor while the power button is still on ... I use Assembler and C, C++, and Visual C ... not Visual Basic ... but just find the commands that will send the "black screen" command and the "auto power down monitor" command and then put these commands into your program ... put them outside and below your counting loop ... once you reach the end of your count, break out of the loop and send the commands to the monitor ... ... a "do while true" type of count that compares the current count to being less than 1000, then adds one and loops around to compare again, but breaks out of the loop when "current count is less than 1000" becomes false ...
  • Do loop until..

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