• The most popular sport in the USA is football. The most popular sport in the world is soccer. Which is known as football everywhere besides the US.
  • The most populare sport in America & the world would have to be Baseball.
  • barbecuing is # 1 in the u.s.
  • USA: football World: soccer (called football)
  • "Soccer (football to most of the world) is by nearly any standard the most popular sport in the world. However, "most popular" could mean "most watched" or "most played" or even "most revenue-generating." Source: "United States - American football is the most popular nationwide, but baseball—both amateur and professional—is considered America's "national pastime" and an aspect of American culture. Basketball was created in the United States and is also popular. Ice hockey is also popular, especially in certain regions. Wrestling and NASCAR racing both have significant followings. Football (soccer) is not a very popular sport but it is increasing popularity with Major League Soccer as a major factor." Source and further information:
  • Soccer is not known as football in Canada... just to let you know.
  • baseball, THE pHILLIES, YEAH the team, we won the world champs.
  • WORLD- soccer aka football USA- football
  • soccer
  • Girl watching!
  • Statisticly, 3 most watched sport occasions are Olympic Games, Soccer World Championship and Formula 1 race.
  • Running i would think +
  • Baseball is more important game in america than the other games.
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