• because they think that the dolphins compete with them for the fish ....sorry but Japan needs to have sanctions put against them and bloody fast ...its a joke what they are doing to the dolphins and whales...and the excuses are total 100% BULLSHIT!!!.... very very very very few people eat the meat of either and the so called 'science' is crap ....I'm an Aussie and its about time some of Japans other so called 'friends' put pressure on them to stop this 'knuckle dragging ' thinking or a huge shit fight will happen if they continue to come down our way to do what they are doing
  • cull is kind of a nice way of meaning brutaly slaughtered and tortured for no other reason but game and profit. i think it should stop
  • For the same reason people in england hunt deer, for food and trophies.
  • Because they're stoopid =]
  • To get rid of the biggest competitor for the cash crop they are after.

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