• Vitamins don't give energy. That is not what they are for. Certain vitamin deficiencies may make you feel short of energy, but once the deficiency is rectified, extra vitamins will not have any more effect. People seem to think that a little bit of something is good for you, more must be better. But this is not so int he case of vitamins. In fact, an excess of vitamins can be actively bad for you. Don't take vitamins unless you are reasonably certain you need them. Most people in the developed world can get all the vitamins they need from a balanced diet; if you *need* vitamins, you should either be reconsidering your diet or consulting your doctor.
  • you get energy from the foods you eat - not from vitamin pills
  • I don't take any vitamins,I remember when I was a little kid,I would take the flinstones vitamins,now I just see them as candy to chew.

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