• i believe you have to be happy with yourself, before you can let someone make you happy, or you make someone else happy..... hope that makes sence.. it did in my mind..:)
  • I have tried to make myself happy with the things I have purchased, and events I go to alone, but I am the happiest when I have a friend around to enjoy them with me.
  • i think you have to be happy with yourself first before anyone else can make you happy.
  • Yes!! It is your choice to be happy!! But others can be an influence on your happiness!!
  • If you aren't truly happy in your own skin, other people can only be a diversion from your thoughts and create an illusion that they make you happy.
  • I think you need to make yourself happy and learn about yourself first before expecting anyone else to be able to do it. If you don't know yourself, you don't know what makes and keeps you happy. It wouldn't be fair to expect anyone else to do that for you.
  • I think others can help but it's mostly up to you...
  • I find it ironic how many people search for happiness and never find it. That is because it is found from within.
  • How to find happiness: Change your perspectives of those things which make you unhappy. People's happiness depends upon their perspective of events and the world around them. Only they can determine their perspective. All you can do is to help guide and mentor them into adopting those perspectives which will help them down the path to their own happiness. It is up to them to change their own perspectives, attitudes, and beliefs. All you can do is point the way -- if you can. Permanent happiness can not come from things or the outside world. It can only come from within yourself. Each person is a shining star, but it is up to that person to decide how brightly that star will shine.
  • It is entirely a matter of choice. I choose to be happy when my toddler grandson runs through the house with the dog screaming at the top of his lungs. Some people might be annoyed. I can even be happy when I overhear my grandson say a swearword out loud in his room, because I know that means he is gaming and talking with his friends.

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