• Firstly, sex does not equate to intercourse. So a women could rape a man without having intercourse. Secondly, arousal does not necessarily mean you consent to sex. One can be aroused and still refuse to give consent to sex and be forced. This is rape. There are other examples too - here is the definition of rape from Wikipedia - you will see it that it leaves many possibilities open: "Rape is a form of assault involving the non-consensual use of the sexual organs of another person's body. The assailant can be of either sex, as can their target."
  • If you proceed from the pov that men always want sex, and women never want sex, then it would be impossible for a woman to rape a man. That's simply not the case, though. A man could be violated in a number of ways by manipulating his consent through drugs or deception. Say, in a dark room, a woman pretends to be someone else and the man has sex with her believing her to be his girlfriend, or maybe he's too drunk to tell the difference. He didn't consent to sex with that woman, now he's had sex with her without ever wanting to. This would be a form of sexual assault. There can be violent sexual assault, without getting too graphic, with the use of foreign objects. This is closer to most people's conception of rape (forced penetration) and it does happen. However, it is very, very rare for a woman to rape. In this culture men have the supposed "right of access" to women's bodies, not the other way around. So statistically, the vast majority of rapists are men, not because it's physically impossible but because of cultural programming - that sex is something the man attains from the woman, that if she denies him and he wants it badly enough, he can take it from her.
  • If you accept the concept that there is sucha thing as 'Soul Rape' - as in someone taking all the love, affection and trust a person has and trampling it into the dust in frnt of them - then, unfortunately, yes it does happen....
  • I know a man who felt he had been raped. He was a teenager and was living with a friend's family, because his family threw him out. His friends mother who was very overweight, approached him for a sexual encounter. He was repulsed by her, but was afraid to say no, because he had no money and was afraid she would throw him out. I feel it really traumatized him.
  • Just as the woman has the right to say "No", man has the same right too.
  • yes, a man could get an erection and not want to have sex with that person and she could force him and that is rape.
  • Sorry, I am not providing any lessons on this.
  • I would say yes. There was movie about this with Michael Douglas and Demi Moore. Hmm forgot the title...Anyway, rape is having sex when the other person doesn't consent. The argument here is about penetration but manipulation can also be considered 'rape' for example, manipulation of sexual organs or fondling without the male's permission. Most males wouldn't mind this but if the males says, no, don't do it and she does it anyway, it can be construed as rape and an attorney would have a fun time proving it in court. If the person raped was a virgin priest, it would help his case a lot more than if he was a DJ at a night club. A better example: (female) School teachers having sex with minors. It's all over the news lately. That's rape in a way. Some girls can be very aggressive and the guy is screaming "please don't do it" and they grab him, throw him down on the floor and do it anyway. That's rape. Illegal and immoral and the girl should go to jail for that and the guy should go see his church leader for counseling.
  • Yea it happend to me, by my ex gf she sometiems comes by my house for sex lol I don't know why shes my ex. She did rape me though but used a condom

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