• I guess everything starts with small steps...We can all just start by being a little nicer to each other.
  • There's hate because we divide ourselves up into groups (nationality, religion, economic class, etc) and forget that we all belong to the biggest group there is: humanity. There's nothing wrong with groups, but when we start to get our IDENTITY from those groups, trouble begins. For example, if I AM an American, that's different than saying I LIVE in America and agree with American values. I'm now deriving my very sense of being from "American", and anything which isn't American is automatically a bit suspect -- it's "otherness" is a potential threat. If I am a citizen of the world FIRST, and an American second, this confusion does not occur -- I'm both a global being, and a "local" being, but I don't treat other countries as something alien to my own existence, and don't feel automatically endangered by any differences between us. Not feeling threatened, I don't need to puff my self up with how tough, important, and perfect I am, and therefore I'm less threatening to others. So it all comes down to how we answer the question "who are we?".
  • I think hate is the direct byproduct of fear. This tells me there is a lot of fear in the world. Fear of losing things, fear of the unknown, fear of the known. The most hateful group of people on the planet currently are the Islamic Jihadists. Children are raised into a culture of believing that if they do not destroy the western culture that their own culture will be destroyed and that their god will deem them a failure. Education and enlightenment are the only ways I know to dissolve this fear.

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