• Former first lady, and New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, has a good chance to win the 2008 presidential race. Hillary Clinton embodies the values, sensibility and compassion of a modern American woman. She has values which are shared by most Americans, and she exudes an overwhelming air of competence. Most importantly, we will never have to be ashamed of her, the way that we are constantly ashamed of George Walker Bush. She is the most electable candidate with the most likely chance of defeating the GOP and restoring hope and respect to America.
  • Currently Mrs Clinton is well ahead in the battle for the Democratic nomination, if eleceted, she can be one of America's finest President and she will deliver on her promises. She is a workaholic and a smart intelligent woman and a tough as nail politician.
  • I would be concerned about her warmongering attitude.America needs a president that is a communicator and a diplomat.she is already showing these bad tendencies and would do little on creating a better image worldwide with attacking other countries.Her other ideas,such as socialized medicine are great.
  • Number one, she's an imcompetent moron who won't deliver on her promises. Number two, having a woman in power will make America an even bigger terrorist magnet than it already is because extremist muslims hate women in power anywhere.
  • Because if Obamanation gets the nomination McCain will win! And unless you want another 8 years of another republican just like georgie boy then you better pick the one that has the best chance of defeating John McCain!
  • she should be the next president so we experience a first female president in united states just like in the philippines , they president is woman not man ...
  • After Trump? I doubt she'll get another shot.

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