• Your camera should have some with some software to act like an interface with your computer... If you don't have it, go to the manufacturer's website and see if you can download it.
  • Your phone probably makes very high definition movies (around 2000p, "Blu-Ray"). Meanwhile your computer may not be the newest or fastest, so it doesn't have a processor and/or video card which can deal with that many pixels in a video, so the picture doesnt move, right? You hear sound maybe. I have an old XP computer elsewhere that has this problem. Well, untill you get a newer computer, here's what you can do. FInd the settings on your phone's camera, and turn down the picture quality. That will actually do it. Of course they'll be lower quality videos you'll be making (the picture quality won't be as nice), but on the other hand they'll take up less space too, and should be playable on any computer. ;)

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