• No, the police do not have to show the actual radar reading. this question has been asked and challenged all the way to the united states supreme court. an officer, as a courtesy, may show you your actual speed on the radar gun. its his/her choice. its not mandantory.
  • He doesn't even have to have it on radar and he doesn't have to show you even if you request to see it. Your seeing the radar does not change the fact of your guilt. If you can make the judge reasonably believe you are innocent then go ahead and try to fight the citation, but not on the grounds that he didn't prove to you that you committed an offense. He has no burden of proof to you.
  • Legally, no. The same as if you're clocked by aircraft, the officer doing the clocking doesn't have to come and sign your ticket. Check with the department's policy to see if he violated policy, but it still won't make the citation invalid.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that police officers are not required to show traffic violators the results of their radar speed.
  • Absolutley. You can request a court hearing and see the printed radar report, but the officer doesn't have to show you the radar.
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      There is no printed radar report. The only thing you can subpoena that would be beneficial is the officer's radar certification and the calibration records of the equipment.
  • yes they can, they do however have to put the calibration dates for any speed reading equipt. In most state if it is not done every 3 mts the ticket is invalid
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      The calibration has to be checked before every use, which means every day. The calibration is done at the manufacture date and at regular time intervals. Ours were done every 12 months and it was done by the manufacturer, MPH Industries. The police officer does NOT calibrate the equipment. He only checks whether the calibration is still accurate, and that's done with two tuning forks.
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