• I did have a friend set me up once with her cousin that I liked very much. He picked me up at my house that night with 3 other guys in the car and we went straight to a bar where they played pool all night and got plastered. We never went out again.
  • someone i LIKED. hmm. No. I set a friend up with someone that he won't ever let me forget it she's brought so much drama into his life.
  • One time my (then) husband and I had a summer bbq and invited my girlfriend and a friend from the ex's work. Both single. It was definitely not our intention to set them up but it certainly looked that way when we they arrived for dinner. I took my girlfriend aside and assured her that was not the intention and we had a lovely dinner and that was all.
  • Yeah! LOL We're together now too!
  • My brother set me up with one of his friends that turned out to be a COMPLETE jerk, thank God I nipped it in the bud, before it went too far..
  • My friend set me up with this guy (my ex) that I liked a lot. But he turned out to be my worst nightmare.
  • Yes - my friend set me up on a blind date a while ago, and it turned out to be with someone I really clicked with. Completely changed my opinion of blind dates - he and I were together for over a year.
  • How come no male has answered? Well I have and I have been set up and I did not injoy it. She was so annoying it was unbarable. So now I am convinced never to go on a blind date again. Or I just had a bad luck.
  • I helped my friend move once and met this guy she was friends with and I thought he was pretty cool. A few months later I asked her if she thought he might like to go out with us because I would like to get to know him a little better. She looked at me kind of funny and seemed to think he wasn't my type but she called him and we all went to hear a local band together. Thankfully, she didn't set it up as a date, because it was the wrong guy. I got their names mixed up. We did become good friends however.

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