• maybe never hapiness seems so close, then you realize, its seemed this close for 30 years.
  • my life seems great, to people who don;t know me , but i know , it sucks, i want to die, but i can't for my famliy, who i love !
  • The main cause of suffering is unsatisfied desires for material objects. The moment we stop hankering and lamenting, the peace within prevails. The way to stop hankering and lamenting is by having higher desires to serve God. Lord Krsna says in Bhagvad Gita , this material world is a place of eternal miseries and only when you take His shelter you shall attain happiness. The happiness with the family can only come when the centre of the house is God, everyone at home is trying to serve God and everyone to serve others rather than expecting to be served by everyone. Please read ANY book from A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada to stop suffering
  • Suffering,the word itself denotes a vast range of emotional response to situataions in life. It is entirely to do with feelings,suffering is always felt..experienced. The worse part is that only the one who suffers can feel amount of words or talks can put u in the shoes of the person who is dear however much i say that i understand but the fact remains that i cannot really feel wht u r stress is on the fact that it is a feeling and the way to actually have a solution to this is to find out why you feel you are suffering...the answer has to be found out by you alone.People can give u free advice and the sermons but not the solution.all i can do is show u a method of ameliotating your sufferings in a phasic manner. rule 1..take one at a not try to solve all ur problems at once say for eg.u have problem with ur wife,ur parents.ur children ,your boss and ur out of this pick up the problem which is the least important but it is still a problem...say its with ur ur target is that leat problem with ur mom. rule 2..set a time frame.set a rigid time frame...say a week...once u have done dat...focus fully on that one problem rule 3...find out the story on the other side...most of the times it is about other peoples expectation...if there is a communication gap...many a times we are misunderstood or we on our own misunderstand the other take out time to find out wht is the crux of the it u? give it a shot...step into the other persons shoes and see if u cud be the reason for the problem..if that reason correctable..if yes then correct it..not suddenly but slow and steady one step at a time and see the response of the other person....things should change..but if the problem is with the other person and u want the other person to change...u need to say it clearly to the other person...if the situation is beyond repair then leave it..go onto the next suffering and use the same...don try to fight the battle unarmed ...strategise and work on it....change urself ...change the way u feel about things...look at what u have got...and wht others don have...u have the HEALTH...which many ppl would not be having despite having wealth ,love of the family etc...suffering is a feeling...and u can always change or work on the way u feel....hope i din waste ur time...cheers
  • not sure, maybe you need to ask god that question
  • You suffer because you allow them to do it. Unless you are under age and have few options you figure out that you are important and feeling down is not your plan for the future. You stay away from the people who destroy your mood. You stop sharing information with them. Your interactions become basic and shallow. What they dont know cant be used against you and cant be discussed or remarked on. You stay friendly but you do not share your feelings. You stay off topics that can be hurtful. Sometime down the road you can be friendly or more personable again but if you want your life back under control you do not give away your personal power. If you live at home you buy ear buds listen to music, read books, play video games. You do your chores you talk about the weather or a tv show nothing that can be argumentative. You can love your family but you need to love you more and that means not allowing other people to pull you down.
  • By not being so neurotic and such a drama queen. If you're not "happy" then it's obvious what you think is "right" and working for you, isn't. Reinvent yourself and change your attitudes and views if you feel the ones you currently have are not helping you any. You remind of racists and bigots who complain they cannot get a job because of their views. I tend to laugh at them and tell them to guess what the problem is.... most never do and blame everyone else - especially immigrants.

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