• I don't understand the question, you done did a grammatical error. Shouldn't it be "Were are the fine adjustment?" What is the fine adjustment?- The coarse focus adjustment is used to bring the object close to focus, the coarse adjustment is usually a direct drive, a given amount of movement of the adjustment moves the microscope an equal amount. Sometimes, especially at higher magnifications, it is difficult to get it in precise focus, ya just cant move it just that lil bit more. The fine adjustment is geared so that a given movement of the adjustment moves the microscope a smaller distance. That way you can get that lil bit of movement. Or perhaps you was is askin'- Where is the fine adjustment? Depends on the scope, but it is usually near the coarse wheel, sometimes the coarse has a wheel on both sides but the fine is only on one side, usually the right side, which makes it tuff on left handed biologists. But then lefties shouldn't be messin around with stuff man was not meant to know, bein sinister and all. The fine is usually a smaller knob than the coarse wheel also. I think that is a sorta visual and tactile clue, the small knob makes smaller changes in focus. That does make it tuff on ham fisted jocks in the lab. But that's all we need, some left handed brute bringin' a ham to life. Hope I have being helpedful with my answered.

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