• Congratulate for what?
  • I'd have to say it appears they stalk and wait. I mean..How do they know the SECOND someone becomes sage/maestro/guru/etc? If it isn't stalking and waiting, I don't know what it is.
  • I'm thinking they stalk and wait. Man, I pity the person that read my profile page...that's just sad. (Apologies to Kevin, as he's the one who congratulated me. I don't actually mean you.)
  • Unless someone tells me very subtle like I would have no idea who is close to becoming a new level. It makes me think a little stalking is going on to be that fast at calling it OR the person who leveled up tells someone really quickly.....hmmmmmmmm.
  • I hate to say this, but I think some people stalk profiles and wait to pounce on the right time to ask the congrats question. It's almost like if you're the congratulatee's friend, you better have your question written out and ready to submit before a points reaper - one who does it only for points - asks. Sure, AB still throws a party and everything, but there's something important missing when the asker's heart's not in the question.
  • I like Jodie's example of a Points Reaper. I think certain people, not everyone, stalks profiles and waits until there's say, 15 points till the next level. Then they ask the question, rack in the points, and wait on the next person. I will say this - if I get a congrats question asked in the future, I'd prefer them to be someone I've had positive interactions with. That doesn't mean I want my friends stalking my profile, I just want to make sure the well wishes are genuine.
  • There was a time when I'd have said they congratulate their friends. I'd still like to think that that is the case for most of us. Based on the activities of the last couple of days, there's a whole lotta points whorin' going on. I'd like to go on record by saying: "Points whore(s), we're smarter than that and we're aware of what you're doing."
  • I've had a few people email me to tell me they were close to the level, and ask if I would watch for it and be willing to start a thread. So, if I have a heads up, I know to look and be ready. So, I guess that would fall under the "friends" part of the question.
  • I'm thinkin there's a whole lot of stalking happening.
  • Stalk profiles. I dont know for sure and i shouldnt be judgemental but it seems like people congratulate users for points and attention. Guessing by how quickly after the user has reached whatever level they are being congratulated for, the person must have spied over it obsessively. Not in all cases of course though.
  • I specially requested a friend to do so ahead of time so a 'point whore' wouldn't get me. I turned sage back when the congrats questions were like 90% of the front page.

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